Chris Rock Takes Johnny Depp’s Side and Amid Amber, Heard Trial saying ‘Believe All Women Except Amber’.

Comedian Chris Rock is clearly in a team with Johnny Depp.  Chris took the stage in London to kick off his Ego Death tour in the UK on May 12.

Chris Rock Takes Johnny Depp’s Side

Chris Rock had the audience laughing when he blasted Amber’s testimony during the $50 million defamation trial against her ex-husband.

Amber allegedly told Johnny’s former executive and security guard that she excreated in the bed that she once shared with Johnny. The shocking excreating revelation happened on April 28 when Starling gave his testimony to the court in Fairfax, Virginia, via a video live feed.

Chris tells the packed London crown that “Believe all women, believe all women… except Amber Heard What the f*** is she on? She s*** in his bed! She’s fine but she’s not s** fine. She s** in his bed. What the f*** is going on there? Wow. And they had a relationship after that. It must be amazing p***… I’ve been with some crazy b*** but godd***.”

A  lot of shocking details have come out regarding Johnny Depp and Amber’s intense marriage, which include an alleged finger-severing incident that Johnny said happened because of a Vodka bottle that amber threw at him. The trial is currently on a break and resumes on May 16. (Chris Rock: Instagram)

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