Beastars Parents Guide | Netflix TV Series Beastars Age Rating

What is The Beastars Age Rating?

Read about Beastars Parents Guide. However, Beastars Age Rating is TV-MA  for Sexual Threat, Violence, Sexual Violence References, Sexual Images, Sexual Violence, Partial Nudity, Brief Smoking.

TV-MA Rating Meaning

Programs rated TV-MA are intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains content that is unsuitable for children.

Beastars Parents Guide

Why Beastars series Rated TV-MA?

There is partial Nudity and sexual content. You will see a scene where Haru is wearing only a bra and panty but there is not brief sex or nudity in the series.  ( season 1)
Kissing scenes and couples are shown in the bed there is a sex scene but nothing shown, you can only see the sheets covering their entire body except for their shoulders up.
In one episode Haru is kidnapped by the Shishigumi, a gang that hunts and eats herbivores. They threaten Haru to strip naked and treat her.
Legosi squeezed Haru’s breast accidentally when he was trying to hold her waist and want to hug her.
Characters are smoking cigarettes and drug dealing is also there in the series.
You will also see some emotional scenes in the series.
In the series, you will see Violence throughout and also blood content, not massive but you can see it in some episodes.
Criminal  and illegal activities and murders, gunshots,
Uses of profanity and cursed words.

Official Poster and Details

Beastars series

Beastars Parents Guide | Netflix TV Series Beastars Age Rating
Beastars Parents Guide
Series Name Beastars
Genre Animation, Crime, Drama
Age Rating  TV-MA
Directed by  Shin’ichi Matsumi
Episodes 24
Season 2
Distributed by  Netflix
Official website

Beastars Season 2 Netflix Releasing Date- July 2021 on Netflix

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