Barak Obama At White House Refers To Joe Biden As Vice President- Barack Obama returned to The White House on Tuesday for the first time in five years and, as he started speaking to vice president Joe Biden. Barack Obama gave Biden a hug.

Obama was at an event tied to the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act.

Barak Obama At White House Refers To Joe Biden As Vice President

Obama talked about how hard it was to pass the Affordable Care Act. He also told how Joe and I were determined, because we met too many people on the campaign who shared their stories, and our own families had been touched by illness.

The whole crowd in the room laughed when he said that he intended to get health care passed even if it cost me re-election, which looked for a while like it might.”

Barak Obama also made light of the moment when he signed the ACA. When Biden started his remarks, he quipped, “My name is Joe Biden and I’m Barack Obama vice president.” He said to Obama, “Welcome back to the White House, man. It feels like the good old days.”

Before he signed a new executive order on healthcare, Biden said, “Barack, let me remind you, it’s a hot mic.”

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