Avtar 2 Release date, star cast, writer, and director

The most awaited movie of the decade is finally set to release on the 16th 0f December 2022. This movie was initially set to release in 2021 but because of some unavoidable circumstances, Cameron was not able to release it at that time. Since most of the movie was shot underwater, it was quite tough for the director to make it look as realistic as possible. Cameron this time also made sure to use the latest technology in his movie to make it worth watching in the cinema.

Avtar 2 Release date, star cast, writer, and director
Avtar 2 Release date, star cast, writer, and director

Star cast of Avtar 2

Similar to the original Avtar this time also, the story revolves around Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, and Jake Sully. We will again see Stephan lang in a negative character. Kate Winslet is all set to slay in the role of Ronal, this is hers and Cameron’s first alliance after the titanic.

More information about Avtar 2

In an interview, director Cameron said that this movie is worth all the wait and we as the audience expect the same. In Hollywood, it is very rare for two big studios to release their big movies together. They try to release their respective movies in the least competition possible to make it a big hit.  However, this time we will see two big movies together i.e., Aquaman and the lost kingdom with Avtar 2. It will be quite interesting to know which of these movies audiences like the most.

As an audience, we can also expect Cameron Avtar to get postponed again or the Aquaman team could also delay the movie to give Avtar 2 the attention it deserves.

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