ASAP Rocky cheated on Rihanna is nothing but a Rumor

It is good to hear that RiRi and ASAP are doing great. They started their relationship as friends before they got together romantically in 2020 but now become one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples.

Since they announced their pregnancy news in January, Rihanna has been proudly flaunting her baby bump in public.

Truth About Rihanna & ASAP Status As Fans Fear They Split After Rumor

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have not parted ways. The cited sources denied the rumors floating around that the couple who are currently expecting their first child together split due to infidelity.

In an interview with Vogue Rihanna revealed that “I wouldn’t say planning, but certainly not planning against it, I don’t know when I ovulate or any of that type of s***. We just had fun, and then it was there on the test.”

Rihanna also shared about what she loves most about ASAP “Transparency about everything how we’re feeling, what our goals are, what our fears and insecurities are.”

Some of the sources revealed that “Rocky absolutely feels that Rihanna is the perfect person for him, and he can’t imagine his life without her. They have discussed marriage and kids. They know it’s something they both want”

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