Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)
Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)
Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)
Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)

Arcane Parents Guide

Arcane: League of Legends is an upcoming American animated streaming television series directed by Ash Branno and developed by Riot Games. It is set in the League of Legends universe.

The series is distributed by Netflix. However, the production companies are Riot Games, and Fortiche Production.

Arcane Age Rating

TV-Series Arcane is rated 16+ by Netflix for Strong Violence and Language Throughout.

16+ – Some shown content in the series may be inappropriate for children under the age of 16.

TV-Series Arcane Release date

TV-Series Arcane is scheduled to be released weekly from 06 November – 20 November 2021 on Netflix

Official Poster and Details

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Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)
Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)

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Series Name Arcane
Genre Animation, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Age Rating 16+ (Netflix)
Season 01
Episodes 10
Release date 06 November 2021
Directed by Ash Brannon
Official Website Netflix


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Arcane Parents Guide

  • Netflix Warning: Some scenes have a strobe effect that may affect photosensitive viewers.
  • Sexual Content: There is a sex scene in episode 5 however, nothing is shown in detail but a brief kissing scene and upper-body male nudity during the sex scene. This was the first to show sexual content.
  • In very rare scenes some female characters are seen wearing deep-neck t-shirts. In episode 5 a girl is shown wearing a top in which half of her breast can be seen from the side but not so graphic.
  • In episode one, you will see a mild scene where a prostitute street has been shown, where female prostitute characters were trying to chase a guy but that was not sexual and the scene gets ends up before you will get to understand what’s going on.
  • Violence- Strong violence in every episode and blood content is present in the series. There are several fights and actions throughout the series.
  • The episode first starts with the town set on fire, the strong voice of gunshots, explosions, and brutal violence. is Scary creatures are shown throughout.
  • Two frightened kids with tears in their eyes are standing and looking at their dead mother buried under a pile of rubbish. That was quite emotional although the story has just begun here. 
  • A group of teenage thieves is shown stealing when a blue-colored diamond-looking stone accidentally falls to the ground and then the building blew up.
  • When the group was on the way to their place after stealing things they got captured by another group and you will see a fighting scene between the two groups. They are seen punching and kicking each other and little blood from the mouth, nose, and head has shown in this scene.
  • A boy is bound with the chair and some people were torturing him.
  • In episode two a boy drinks some chemicals and turns into a monster, however, his face after turning into a monster has not shown that time you will hear his voice only.
  • Only one fighting scene in episode two but not so graphic or gory.
  • A male character with a half-burned face may be scary for younger viewers.
  • In episode three a character is seen drawing into water and flashback of the past while getting beaten up, little blood has shown.
  • There is a scene in episode three when a man gets shot and you will see a lot of blood splattered on the wall and the man fallen on the ground.
  • A man is tied up in a chair and mild injuries are seen and little blood from his mouth.
  • Episode three is more graphic, gory, and frightening. 
  • There is a scene in episode three when a girl is fighting with many people and blood in her weapons which she was wearing in her hand. And a boy turned into a monster, blood coming out from their mouth while fighting. 
  • Many people died because of the unstoppable power of the magical stone. 
  • A man got stabbed in his abdomen.
  • Drinking\ Smoking- There are multiple scenes where characters can be seen drinking, smoking, and taking drugs.
  • Language- Strong language throughout, words used, “He*l”, “Damn”, “Sh*t”, “A**”, “Bull*hit,”

TV-Series Arcane Overview

This series is set in utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions and the power that will tear them apart.

Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)
Arcane Parents Guide | Arcane Age Rating (2021 Series)

Arcane Official Trailer

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

TV-Series Arcane Voice Cast

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Arcane Age Rating and Arcane Parents Guide

Know about Arcane Parents Guide. Why does Series Arcane receive this age rating? Read the complete information here about the Arcane age rating in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

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