April Fools Pranks for Kids | April Fools 2022
April Fools Pranks for Kids | April Fools 2022

April Fools Pranks for Kids: April Fools’ Day is observed on the 1st of April every year. On this day, everyone is in the mood for some fun. April Fools’ Day is typically celebrated by pranks and some other fun activities.

April Fools Pranks for Kids

In the below article, we have compiled some April Fools Pranks for Kids. If you like any of the following ideas, you can use them and make this day filled with laughter and good vibes.

Change the color of their milk

This prank is the best April Fools Pranks for Kids if they are fans of Star Wars. All you have to do is mix a few drops of blue food color in the milk and tell your kids that this milk is directly sent to them from Tatooine.

Make some displace while they sleep

If you really wanted to celebrate this day in the best possible way. You need to work while they sleep. All you have to do is change their blanket to someone else’s blanket or you can also change your kid’s places while they are sleeping.

Write something on toilet paper

This is the best prank that does not require that much effort. You just need to unroll the toilet paper and write a funny joke on it.

Change their Breakfast Cereal

This is the best way if your kids love cereals. This April Fools’ Day try changing their favorite cereals with something more healthier.

Serve a foolish meal

Serving a foolish and funny meal is one of the best ways to celebrate April Fool’s day. This is something you can try at the time of dinner and make everyone laugh while having food. Also, check Easter Stuffed animals here.

Try creating a fun candy mix

This is also a way if your kids love candies and can eat candies anytime, every time. Though candies are not that healthy for kids but still once in a while, it is okay. Today, you can max out different candies to give your kids, ask them to close their eyes, and guess the flavor. {Source: Google.com}

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