Animated Movies 2005
Animated Movies 2005

Animated Movies 2005

Animated Movies 2005: These entertaining animation classics are the best of an enduring, ever-evolving modern art form. We’re bringing you the definitive ranking of the best-animated films of 2005.

Everyone loves animated films because, at their best, they present limitless possibilities for storytelling. For this list, we’re taking into account each film’s release, director how well they’ve aged, and re-watching ability. Best animated movies for kids on Netflix.

Here are the best-animated movies of all time, 2005

Following is the List of Animated Movies 2005

The Proud Family Movie

The movie revolves around Penny and her family and covers everything that happened to them when they are out on a family vacation. Everything was going well until they all got captured by an evil-minded scientist.

Rating  5.4/10
Director  Bruce W. Smith
Genre  Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Runtime  1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Distributor  Buena Vista Television

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

The movie revolves around Kim and covers everything that happened to her when a boy named Eric entered her life. Kim fell in love at the first sight with Eric and they soon started a relationship. However, things changed drastically when her best friend named Ron started liking her.

Rating  7.2/10
Director Steve Loter
Genre  Animation, Family, Adventure,  Comedy, Fantasy
Runtime  1 Hour, 21 Minutes
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios

Chicken Little

This movie revolves around a chicken who has lost all its respect in front of the people of the town. The movie took a massive turn when he comes to help the people in his town from aliens.

Rating  5.4/10
Director  Mark Dindal
Genre  Animation, Family, Adventure,  Romance, Science-fiction
Runtime  1 Hour, 21 Minutes
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios

Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

This movie revolves around Roo who is living a very ordinary life at home located in the Hundred Acre Wood. His life changes and becomes more interesting when in this new area he met a Heffalump named Lumpy who is very friendly and jolly in nature.

Rating  6.4/10
Director  Frank Nissen
Genre  Animation, Family, Adventure, Comedy, Musical
Runtime  1 Hour, 8 Minutes
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios

Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

The movie revolves around Lilo and Stitch and covers everything that happened after the malfunction tried to ruin their friendship. The malfunction was the creation of Dr. Jumba and has some evil plans. After his emergence, he started threatening Lilo and Stitch for some unknown reasons.

Rating  6.2/10
Director  Michael LaBash, Tony Leondis
Genre  Animation, Family, Drama, Comedy
Runtime  1 Hour, 8 Minutes
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios

Kronk’s New Groove

The movie revolves around Kronk who is seen trying to please his Dad. Kronk’s dad is very cold-hearted and impressing him is next to impossible. However, everything changes when Kronk realized that it is friends who make life easy.

Rating  5.8/10
Director  Saul Blinkoff, Elliot M.Bour
Genre  Animation, Family, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Romance
Runtime  1 Hour, 15 Minutes
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios

Jack-Jack Attack

Jack-Jack Attack is one of the best Animated Movies in 2005. The movie revolves around Parrs’ son named Jack-Jack. He was raised as a normal child and is treated like he is not having any magical powers like his other siblings. Everything was going well until Jack’s parents decided to hire a nanny for Jack.

Rating  7.6/10
Director  Brad Bird
Genre  Animation, Family, Short, Comedy, Adventure
Runtime  5 Minutes
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios

Tarzan II

The movie revolves around young Tarzan who is struggling to find out the meaning of life. He decided to explore the surrounding so that he can know something about himself and his life. When he is out on this journey, he finds himself trapped in a dark dense forest.

Rating  5.5/10
Director  Brian Smith
Genre  Animation, Family, Comedy, Adventure
Runtime  1 Hour,12 Minutes
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios

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