Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Game Review, Gameplay | 2019
Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Game Review, Gameplay | 2019
Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Game Review, Gameplay | 2019
Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Game Review, Gameplay | 2019

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt is an adventure, single-player mode game. This game was published by Alawar Entertainments and ChiliDog Interactive LLC and developed by Panda Games Studios and ChiliDog Interactive LLC. Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt was already released on 9 January 2019, but the year 2021 is decided for its Nintendo Switch release.

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Developer Panda Games Studios and ChiliDog Interactive LLC
Publisher Alawar Entertainments, ChiliDog Interactive LLC
Mode Single-player mode
Genre  Adventure, Casual, Indie, Puzzle Video Game
Language English and two more languages
Platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5


Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Gameplay

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt is giving us a threshold ride to Stop the wicked schemes of an evil pharaoh before the city is annihilated in this heart-stopping match-three adventure! When the vile Tutmos sets in motion and his plan to achieve immortality, Is going on, he is trying to achieve it by reciting an incantation that unleashes a deadly plague.

Then ‘The Players’ must save your people by destroying the unholy altars that are sustaining in the spells of Pharaoh.

This game has dozens of exciting levels. Eye-catching visuals are created in this game. The storyline is commendable; we can say that it has a Nail-biting storyline. It has Simple mouse-based controls. There is a tutorial to guide and Learn- for new players.

As the hero of this captivating saga, you have to create chains of three or more matching elements. So that you can clear the levels that stand between you and the altars. Along the way, you will unleash the powerful combinations by creating uniquely shaped matches, and also can call upon the gods for help and upgrade the spirits to make them more powerful.

Players can also use their matching prowess to defeat mighty bosses, earn well and rewarding achievements, and complete deviously designed boards packed with challenging obstacles…

with Standard, Advanced and Untimed modes. This game entitled Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt’ offers a thrilling experience to every player. If you are capable of clearing or stopping the inclination, then this game is for you.

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Review

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Game Review, Gameplay | 2019
Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt Game Review, Gameplay | 2019

What to tell about this match-3 Genre isn’t quite as much of a draw as it once was back when the Candy Crush sparked a global craze, but there are still plenty who enjoy a spot of tile-matching, and developers of Panda Games Studio are looking to target them with their new game. 

This Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt game will be a perfect match, and it will become your latest favorite attraction from the gaming world. It will give you the joy of experiencing fabulous gameplay.

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt is said to be a tricky one, really, because the “Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt” is presented as an isolated case that ticks a lot of boxes for a match-3 fan base. The main problem of this game is that it has been compared to others of this kind and lack of originality is visible in this game, and it feels too far too familiar.

There are other issues present in this game and which will decrease your gaming experience. The story is very nice, the plotting is developed in this game, and it looks fantastic when applied in the gameplay.

The story is being told with the help of sporadic comic-book-style storyboards, and it seems bloody terrible. Sure, it’s good to have a purpose for what you’re about to do, but sometimes it’s better to have nothing than to come up with a bad story. 

Predictability is coming in our minds with uninteresting characters and boring designs that sometimes add up to the disappointing offering. When we talk about gaming, then the in-game character models for the baddies look very much identical, aside from the color of their outfits.

The story is what matters the most in this gameplay because it is the most beautiful story ever created on the ancient gods of Egypt. There is a huge risk that is designed for the new players, and even the expert players will also face some hurdles to reach the win line. Moreover, if we talk about the experimental add-ons in this game, there are fantastic mechanics, which have some tribal glitches that will disappoint the players on some points throughout the game.

Furthermore, some limited use of abilities is unlocked through the progression and an in-game currency that you can earn through level completion. It allows you to upgrade them too. Essentially, you call upon the gods to help you in your task, and so when you’ve matched enough of their preferred color, you can also activate their ability. For example, if Horus destroys a single token of your choosing and then removes a couple more at random, while Tot is adding the special tokens onto the board. 

It seems impossible to succeed without the deities, but out of these seven on offer, only a few are worthwhile. Outside of the main levels, there are the boss encounters and bonus levels that you can attempt too. The boss levels see you trying to deplete the health bar of a foe by matching tokens, it is too weak to be disclosed, and you have to overcome them, and this task is quite underwhelming.

The games offer you a bonus level, and this is either because these are more akin to puzzles, where the idea is to remove every token from the board through meticulous matching. It’s is very boring because it’s too easy to make a mistake in this game and then you have to restart the game from the beginning.

You may have to restart for another reason, though, with Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt is bugging out here and there. Occasionally it will just stop you from moving any tokens and restrict you from using any abilities, and It will be rendering you stuck unless the game is reloaded again, and even the pause menu doesn’t work properly.

Another small issue with this game is that the visual clarity of the obstacles is disappointing because some colors are similar in shade, and it will confuse you about selecting which tokens to match near or with them. Aside from the god abilities, the rest of the gameplay seen in this game has been done many times over within the match-3 criteria, and the only difference is the Egyptian branding and overall theme of the game.

The levels are still enjoyable for short pick up and also for small play sessions, of course, but don’t expect to find anything groundbreaking in this game. This game is cheap enough for choosing it for a quick fix. But somehow, this game still manages to be a worth playing game that includes some little disappointments that the players have to face in between the gameplay.

So what are you waiting for? Go and try to gain your own experience of playing this game but at least you can give it a chance.

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt System Requirements 


OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB 3D video card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 300 MB available space


OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 3 GHz processor or better
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Graphics: 1024 MB 3D video card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 300 MB available space

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