All about the upcoming Mysterious Horror Film Smile: Paramount Player’s new Mysterious Horror Film, Smile is written and directed by Parker Finn. The film is adapted from its 2020 short horror film ‘Laura Hasn’t Slept’.

The film was developed under the working title Something’s Wrong With Rose. Recently a teaser trailer playing ahead of Tom Cruise‘s Top Gun: Maverick and David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future was released.

All about the upcoming Mysterious Horror Film Smile

In the trailer, we saw a woman passing by a hospital room where a man sits, frozen, with an unnaturally wide grin fixed on his face. The man did not respond to the woman at all. The man is not the only one having a big smile. The horrific smile looks like spreading.

Apart from this, one more teaser of the film has been released on social media which is an abridged version and only shows brief clips of a man sitting in a hospital room, and a woman with a menacing smile.

The film features Sosie Bacon as the lead character Rose a psychiatrist. Everything was going well until she met a bizarre incident with a patient after which she started experiencing inexplicable phenomenons that only she can see. Smile is adapted from the 2020 short horror film Laura Hasn’t Slept. It is an eleven-minute film starring Caitlin Stasey and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

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