All about Netflix 'Farzar' a new animated series
All about Netflix 'Farzar' a new animated series

Based on earlier information revealed about its upcoming animated series Farzar, the show is going to be offbeat. The series is going to be wild and unapologetic and all thanks to a trailer that the streamer unveiled at the event.

Farzar is a new comedy series that follows a disjointed crew that bands together to eliminate evil aliens who have absolutely no intention of making friendly contact on the title planet.

It seems like Farzar has lots of things including violence, robots, bizarre alien creatures, dark humor, awkward sexual jokes, more awkward sexual jokes, unfair fights to the death, naked gymnastics, explosions, and a really big mouth.

All of that will happen when Farzar prince Fichael decides to put together a team to defend his planet and prove to his parents he’s a fierce warrior. On top of voicing Prince Fichael, Snyder will also voice Bazarack, the leader of the evil aliens who want to take over Farzar, and Billy, a chimera-like killing machine who is the group’s voice of reason.

Additional voice actors include Lance Reddick as Renzo the czar of Farzar, Grey Griffin as the slightly older Queen Flammy, David Kaye as brilliant scientist Barry Barris, Carlos Alazraqui as invading alien Zobo, Jerry Minor as half-soldier half-android Scootie, and Kari Wahlgren as conjoined twins Mal and Val.

Farzar series is created by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin. The sci-fi animated series will have 10 episodes. Netflix will be premieres Season 1 of Farzar on July 15.

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