Top Gun Maverick Gets 5-Minute Standing Ovation: Tom Cruise was appraised with a surprise Palme d’Or tonight at the Top Gun Maverick premiere. This Cannes Film Festival is turning out to be very special for Tom Cruise as his upcoming film Top Gun Maverick got a 5-Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes after its premiere.

Before receiving Palme, which wasn’t expected, Tom received a tribute reel before the film played. French fighter jets took the sky-streaming blue, white, and red smoke, as a prelude.

Top Gun Maverick Gets 5-Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes Premiere

Before Tom took to the stage to get the Palme, the squadron did a second pass as a tribute to Tom Cruise. “An incredible evening and an incredible time,” “Just to see everyone’s faces. It’s been 36 years since Top Gun and we had to hold this for two years because of the pandemic,” said Cruise to the crowd.

“Thank you Paramount people, this was a dream to be here with you,” said the blockbuster actor, “I’m going to take this all in and I’m never going to forget this evening.”

“Thank you for being here. We’re here for you. I make these movies for all of you. I’m of you in every meeting, in every moment,” he continued, “Especially in Cannes, you love movies.” (Top Gun Maverik)

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