14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible Release Date, Trailer
14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible Release Date, Trailer

In the trailer of 14 peaks: Nothing is impossible.’ we get to know about a man who has a slit wish to climb over every mountain. Nirmal “Nimsdai” Purja is the person Who is making this project possible.

Because it’s his documentary, by the way… 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible is the title of the coming documentary series of a mountain climber, And its new trailer recently appeared on Netflix.

This document is the detailed journey of Nirmal “Nimsdai” Purja in his pursuit to climb all the 14 peaks of the world.  It is a very great achievement that he crossed 8000-meter mountains in a record-breaking only 7-month span.

Nirmal Nimsadai Purja, was a mountaineer from Nepal, Who is keen to achieve his goal, and he achieved it,with the help of a skilled team of sherpas.

Forgetting this great achievement, he had climbed such iconic peaks such as K2 and even the highest peak in the world, ‘Mount Everest’. At that time when Purjaja was climbing the mountains, the weather conditions are very serious, and he had to make so many life death kinds of decisions, And he also has the pressure of his mother’s illness, but none of them stopped him from achieving his ultimate goal.

14 Peaks: Nothing is impossible is written, directed, and produced by Torquil Jones, he has worked on the 2019 cricket documentary ‘The Edge’.

Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi produce this documentary. He had already worked on the 2018 documentary, Entitled Free solo, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary featured in the year 2019.

This network showdown follows in the footsteps of adrenaline junkie documentaries like Chin and Vasarhelyi’s very famous “Free Solo. Which covered American rock-climber Alex Honnold’s nail-biting journey to climb El Capitan without the aid of ropes, climbing, and have Safety aids and equipment…

14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible is produced by – Noah Media Group and Little Monster Films

Netflix will distribute this. Executive producers will be Mark Webber and Anna Barnes,

Producers will be Drew Masters, Barry Smith, John McKenna, and Catherine Quantschnigg.

14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible Release Date

This documentary film is going to appear on-screen via Netflix on November 29.

In addition to this announcement, the film will also be featured as a part of DOC NYC, with a screening on November 13 at 6:30 PM at The IFC Center in New York.

This documentary movie promises a nail-biting experience, For all the viewers, and you can get a glimpse of a brief idea of the journey by viewing the trailer of this docs files only on Netflix.

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This is just a small glimpse of the real sight treat that is going to be revealed soon. After its first appearance, collect all your excitement and burst it on this document, Siri, which is scheduled for November 29, 2021….

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