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What is the Young Royals Age rating?

Read about Young Royals Parents Guide. However, the Netflix series Young Royals age rating is TV-MA and 18+ by Netflix officials as the series contains sexual references, strong language. 

TV-MA-rated program is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains content that is unsuitable for children.

Young Royals Parents Guide

Young Royals Series Includes

  • Sexual references in the first episode you will see a girl is masturbating while she was seeing an image of a boy on her mobile phone.
  • The love relationship between two young boys.
  • Kissing scenes between two males.
  • There is a clear sex scene between a couple in episode 4.
  • A sex scene between two young males.
  • Girls in bra and underwear.
  • A lot of use of alcohol and illegal drugs and drug dealing by youngsters
  • Strong language in the series word such as hell, fucking, porn, slut, dick, asshole, etc…
  • College Students bullying other students very badly.
  • Emotional breakdown

Young Royals Release date

TV-Series Young Royals release date is July 1, 2021

Official Poster and Details

Young Royals 2021

Young Royals Parents Guide | Age Rating JUJU
Young Royals Parents Guide | Age Rating JUJU
Series Name Young Royals
Genre  Drama, Romance
Age Rating  TV-MA
Release Date July 1, 2021
Director Rojda Sekersöz
Season 1
Episodes  6
Official website Netflix
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