Best G Rated Movies on Disney+

In terms of Motion Pictures Association, G stands for General audience. The movie falling in the G-rating category is suitable for the general audience.

The first movie in the Cars movie series is the best and most loved to date. The first movie in the Cars movie series was released in the year 2006.

Hercules is a beautiful animated movie that is based on Greek Mythology Legendary Hero Heracles who is the son of Zeus. In the movie, Heracles name is changed from its Roman name, Hercules.


The Muppet Movie is a classic comedy movie that was released in the year 1979. This movie features Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, and Piggy.

The Muppet Movie

The Princess and the Frog is an animated movie that is loosely based on the Brothers Grimm story named The frog Princess. This movie was released in the year 2009.

The Princess and the Frog

Ratatouille is an amazing tale suitable for every age group. This movie is blessed with amazing animation and revolves around the story of the cute rat Remy.


Toy Story 4 covers the whole toy gang and a new member on a road trip. Their road journey soon turns into a reunion when Woody meets his old friend named Bo Peep.

Toy Story 4

Bao is a story about a Chinese-Canadian woman suffering from a disease known as empty nest syndrome and covers everything about how her life changed after her dumplings came into life.


The story of The Bug's Life revolves around a misfit ant and covers everything he did in order to save his colony from the evil grasshopper.

A Bug's Life

This movie revolves around two children named Jane and Michael. Jane and Jane were two neglected children who are not that close to their father.