Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide (1)
Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide (1) Credit: Google play

Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide and Age Ratings

Nowadays Kids are fond of playing games and they always want to play each and every type of game but when it comes to video games they are more excited to play them all.

But it becomes a headache for you guys and then it also becomes your duty to know about the Age Ratings and also about which types of content have been used in the video game.

Warcraft Rumble is an upcoming action video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment which was released on Nov 3, 2023.

TitleWarcraft Rumble
GenreMobile, Action, Strategy game
Released date Nov 3, 2023.
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
DevelopersBlizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide
Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide
Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide

Warcraft Rumble Age Rating

Warcraft Rumble is rated E 10+ for the Violence and Blast by ESRB.

Age ratings are of different types and it is given according to the contents used in the games and movies.

This rating number means that the content in the game is for kids above 10 and kids who are under 10 should not play Warcraft Rumble.

Further Age rating lets you know how things are done in the game that you are interested in playing and this will help you to decide whether the game is okay for your kids or not.

According to me, you should always read the Age ratings first because it gives you an idea of ​​what the content is there that your kid will like.

There are some games which are meant only for adults and some games which are meant for kids only. You must read our Warcraft Rumble Age Rating.

All you have to pay attention to is whether your kid is capable of playing the game or not means your kid falls under that age group or not.

Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide

You should also know about Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide so that you can guide your kids properly for this it is important that you know about the contents used in Warcraft Rumble.

This is your duty to guide your kid in a positive direction because they are totally dependent on your decision as from their childhood they follow the path which is being told by you.


So many creatures are fighting and they all are using some powers also, they are shown defeating each other to win.


It is shown that there is a place where all the creatures are surrounded by fire and they are throwing fire at each other.

Parents Consideration

You should also pay attention to some precautions while your kid plays Warcraft Rumble, here we have read them carefully and also follow them.

While your kid paly Warcraft Rumble notice if your kid getting gameplay or not and also you must ask your kid about the Warcraft Rumble experience.

Warcraft Rumble System Requirements

The following are the minimum system requirements for both Android and iOS:


  • CPU: Snapdragon 675 / Exynos 8890 and higher
  • GPU: OpenGLES 3.1 and higher
  • Adreno 612 / Mali-T880 MP12 and higher
  • Android 5.1 (API level 22) and higher
  • RAM: 3GB RAM and higher


  • iPhone 6s and higher
  • iOS 13 and higher
  • RAM: 2GB RAM and higher

Gameplay is here

Warcraft Rumble is a type of game in which the player has to go ahead by defeating so many creatures and also you can use powers also. There is a dinosaur who throws fire from his mouth at the other and also you can use some adventurous treasures.


Warcraft Rumble Official Launch Cinematic Trailer | Blizzcon 2023
Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide


Warcraft Rumble Parents Guide: Warcraft Rumble is rated E 10+ by ESRB which means every kid above 10 can play Warcraft Rumble.

More information will updated soon till that stay with us read our article and also do not forget to enjoy while reading.

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