Modern Warfare II significantly alters the Call of Duty gameplay throughout. A revamped vehicle system, advanced AI in the campaign and co-op modes, water physics, and swimming mechanics are among the new features that have been touted. Slide canceling has been removed, and new gameplay features and movement strategies include dive to the prone, mantle, and ledge hang.

New vehicle gameplay options include hijacking, leaning out of a vehicle’s windows, and climbing onto a vehicle’s roof. A new leveling and Gunsmith system allows players to tailor specific attachments to their playstyles. In addition, it has a practice firing range and weapon platforms with branching progression to cut down on repetitive gameplay.

Look at the voice cast of your most beloved video game:

Modern Warfare II introduces a number of brand-new multiplayer modes: Knockout, in which two teams compete to take control of a limited-edition package; and Prisoner Rescue, in which an attacking team tries to free a hostage while a defending team reinforces the hostage’s defenses. The 3v3 Raid game mode and the third-person perspective were both confirmed in September. Cooperative Special Ops missions for two players, which have been confirmed to return in Modern Warfare II.

Watch out the trailer:

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