Ultraman Rising Parents Guide (1)
Ultraman Rising Parents Guide (1)

Ultraman: Rising Information and Wiki

Ultraman: Rising Parents Guide: Ultraman: Rising is an upcoming Animation, Action, Adventure, which is directed by Shannon Tindle, and John Aoshima and written by Marc Haimes, and Shannon Tindle.

It casts Keone Young, Christopher Sean, and Yuki Yamada in the lead roles.

TitleUltraman: Rising
DirectorShannon Tindle, and John Aoshima
GenreAnimation, Action, Adventure,
Released date2024 (season 3)
CountryUnited States, and Japan
LanguageEnglish, Japanese
Ultraman: Rising Parents Guide
Ultraman Rising Parents Guide (2)
Ultraman Rising Parents Guide (2) Credit: NETFLIX

Ultraman: Rising Age Ratings

Ultraman: Rising is rated PG 13 for the violence, and exposure shown in the movie.

13+ is given to that movie which contains sexual, violent, nudity, and strong language that is not suitable for kids under 13.

Ultraman: Rising should not be seen through the kids under 13 because this is not good for the kids under 13 and if they watch it could have a bad impact on them.

The maturity level of every kid is different for this age ratings are made so that you can decide which movie is okay for which age groups.

All of you should go for the age ratings as this will help you to make decisions for your kids.

Ultraman: Rising Parents Guide

Guidance is another important point that hits you for your kid’s better decision and for this, it is first need that you have relevant information.

In this, you will find those contents that are not suitable for the kids in our Ultraman: Rising Parents Guide we have written some points that would help you.


In this, you would see some violent scenes such as there was a scene in which it was shown that some people were fighting and also it suddenly gets fire everywhere which was so scary.

In Ultraman: Rising you will also find that there are some animated people trying to defeat each other.

Parents Consideration

In Ultraman: Rising you will also find some strange things through which your kids can get scared as it was shown in a character in the form of animation and it also had some powers.

In this movie, you will come to see those impossible things that are not good for kids under 13, and by watching those contents your kids could also get a bad impact.

Precautions should be taken as there is a violent scene also in the movie which can lead your kid to get scared.

Other Details

Below we have given some information about the Ultraman: Rising.

When is the release of Ultraman: Rising Season 3

Ultraman: Rising season 3 is going to be released in 2024 on Netflix.

What is the Plotline?

This is the story of Ken Sato, a superstar baseball player who has come to Japan with a motive to become a hero who carries the mantle of Ultraman.

But all his plans got wasted when he came to know that he had to raise Kaiju as his own child, IT was okay for him to raise the child but then it became very tough when he came to know that he was the son of his biggest enemy.

Who is in the cast?

Ultraman: Rising casts Keone Young is performing as Dr. Onda, and Christopher Sean is performing as Ken Sato, Julia Harriman is performing as Ami, With the voice cast Yuki Yamada as Ken Sato.


Ultraman: Rising 'Geeked Week' Teaser Trailer (2024)
Ultraman: Rising Parents Guide


Ultraman: Rising Parents Guide:Ultraman: Rising is rated PG-13 for violence. exposure shown in the movies.

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