Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide (1)
Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide (1) Credit: What's on disney plus

Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide: Tierra Incógnita is a short horror thriller series directed and written by Jenny Leigh Reed.

It stars Cierra Danielle Jackson, Peter Larney, and Amanda Rivas in the lead roles, telling the story of a group of friends who have gone on a trip, and then one of the friends goes missing. It was released on May 25, 2023 on Disney +.

In this article, we will provide you with information about the Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide and age ratings, which will help you decide whether this series is okay for your kid or not.

TitleTierra Incógnita
DirectorJenny Leigh Reed
GenreShort, Horror, Thriller
Released date May 25, 2023
CountryUnited States
DistributorDisney +
Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide
Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide
Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

Tierra Incógnita Age Ratings

Tierra Incógnita is TV-14 rated for the horror and scary scenes shown in the series which is not oaky for the kids.

TV-14 ratings are those which are given to those film or series which include sexaul, violece, and language whcih is not okay for the kids and if they will watch will get bad imapact.

Age ratings are made for you and you should follow as this will give you more idea to decide which film and series are suitable for which age groups.

Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide

Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide will guide you about the content shown in the series and in whcih way it has been shown.

Guidance is more important as through your knowledge only you would be able to guide your kid because they are dependent on you for the decision.


You will find more scary scens in this series as it was shown that there was a sudden scary which made all the friends very scared.


You will see most of the violent scenes in the series as one girl was being violently chased and also someone tried to kill them.

Parents Consideration

Consideration has to taken before watching Tierra Incógnita as this includes violent and more scary contents as this is horror series so you should take precaution about these all as these will lead bad impact on your kid if they will watch.

You all need to fouces on all thse things as kids are not that much matureand they are also not too young to watch Tierra Incógnita.

Other details

Below we have details about the Tierra Incógnita in the article.

What is the story line?

Tierra Incógnita is a story about the groups of freind who have been gone for the trip after being violently stalked and then one of the freind gone missed and they all tried to save.

Who is in casts?

It includes Cierra Danielle Jackson is performing as Aliya, Peter Larney will perform as Sonny, Oyemen Ehikhamhen will be performing as Zadie, and Amanda Rivas will be as Maya.

Is there any trailer?

Tierra Incógnita | Official Trailer | Disney+
Tierra Incógnita Parents Guide


Tierra Incógnita is TV-14 for the violent content shown in the series, which means that kids under 14 should not watch this as this is inappropriate for the kids under 14, and you will get more other details regarding the series in the above article.

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