I have screened “Lockdown” (season 11, episode 17) and “A New Deal” (season 11, episode 18), the start of the drama’s final eight episodes debuting on AMC and AMC+ on October 2, and while there is much to enjoy, there is at least one infuriating oversight.

When we last left the show, Max, Eugene, Yumiko, and many more at the Commonwealth helped Connie gather enough to publish a scathing article in which she accused the governor’s son, Sebastian, of being connected to a growing number of missing people in the community and at least one death.

The two biggest things to take away from the trailer are that Eugene is on trial, and Yumiko must be working as a prosecutor for the Commonwealth, with Mercer on the offense.

The brief glimpse of Eugene in court is a reference to a previous trailer  that was shown earlier this year at Comic-Con, showing Eugene sitting in jail. Tensions are rising on both sides of the Commonwealth due to a lockdown, and a band of heroic characters is fighting to stop Hornsby from destroying all the progress they made.

The frail state of the Commonwealth means that its new justice system is frail as well and that it is likely that things will resolve not by trial, but by an all-out war filled with action and drama. The stakes have changed, as the real threat is not escaping the so-called “walkers” but rather contending with other humans in a daily struggle for survival. amc.com

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