The Wages of Fear Parents Guide (1)
The Wages of Fear Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

The Wages of Fear Parents Guide: The Wages of Fear is a 2024 Action, Adventure, and Drama Netflix film directed by Julien Leclercq and written by Hamid Hlioua and Julien Leclercq, which is based on the novel by Georges Arnaud.

It is produced by Julien Madon, Mikael Govciyan, and Julien Leclercq, with Philippe Guez as line producer stars Sofiane Zermani, Alban Lenoir, and Ana Girardot. In France, it is known as
Le salaire de la peur.

Title The Wages of Fear
GenreAction, Adventure, and Drama
Released dateMarch 29, 2024
Country France
Distributor Netflix
The Wages of Fear Parents Guide
The Wages of Fear Parents Guide
The Wages of Fear Parents Guide

The Wages of Fear Age Rating

The Wages of Fear is TV-MA Rated for the explosion and violence shown in the film.

TV-MA Ratings are given to those film that includes Adults contents and is not suitable for kids under 17 as it is specifically made for Adults only.

Age Ratings are given according to the contents because the different maturity levels of the kids are different.

The Wages of Fear Parents Guide

Our The Wages of Fear Parents Guide has been given below:-


It includes the Explosion as there was a big blast shown which leads so many lives of people in danger for which other people are trying to save them.


It includes violence, as there are so many characters shown fighting with each other, and also they are shooting each other and wanting to defeat each other while fighting in the film.

Parents Consideration

You need to take care as the film includes violence and explosion, which can have bad impacts on the kids as kids are too young to understand these things for this, you are there to make the right decision for them.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about The Wages of Fear.

What is the storyline?

It follows the story of a team who has to drive two trucks filled with nitroglycerine, which is full of danger. Also, the twist comes when they have only 24 hours to make this task happen across the desert as the lives of so many people is in danger.

When is the release?

The Wages of Fear will be released on March 29, 2024, on Netflix, and then you can watch it.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Mohammed Boussalem as Détenu 1, Toussaint Colombani as Expert de la compagnie pétrolière, Frédéric Ducastel as Homme Gauthier, and Douglas Grauwels as Directeur.

Along with Franck Gastambide, Ana Girardot, Sofiane Zermani, Alban Lenoir, Birol Tarkan Yildiz, and Joseph Beddelem.


The Wages of Fear | Official Teaser | Netflix
The Wages of Fear Parents Guide


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The Wages Of Fear
The Wages of Fear Parents Guide 1

Director: Julien Leclercq

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