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The Vampire Diaries
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What is The Vampire Diaries Age Rating?

The TV Series  The Vampire Diaries created by an American supernatural teen drama television series created by Kevin Williamson and Julie PlecIn.

Netflix TV Series, The Vampire Diaries is an American Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy, genre TV Series produced by Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Television.

Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Read more about the Netflix TV Series, The Vampire Diaries age Rating, and parental guides for kids.

The Vampire Diaries TV-14 for moderate violence, occasional gory moments, strong injury detail, drug use, strong violence.

Program-rated TV-14 may be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Programs rated TV-14 contain material that parents or adult guardians may find unsuitable for children under the age of 14.

The Vampire Diaries Parents Guide

Why is The Vampire Diaries series Rated TV-14?

The kissing scene between man and woman.
There are some scenes where you will see couples are making out but no nudity is shown on screen.
A man and a woman are seen lying naked in bed, with a sheet covering them.
Only upper body male nudity is shown in the series.
A man is shown kissing and running his hands down a woman’s body. The man is wearing a sheet around his waist and the woman is clothed. There is no nudity in this scene.
A woman hangs herself and is seen hanging dead. Many threatening scenes throughout the series.
There is blood content in the series you will see when a vampire drinks blood only blood will be shown on their mouth and neck.
A vampire chops a man’s fingers off with a kitchen knife. Blood is shown.
Vampires are tortured with vervain which causes burns on their skin.
A woman stabs herself in her stomach and is taken to the hospital.
Vampires rip hearts out. Many torture scenes throughout the series.
A lot of characters are killed, most of the death scenes are emotional.
Supernaturals powers.
Brutal violence, people are killed.
Uses of profanity a**, b**ch, bastard, damn, hell, d**k, etc…
A lot of use of alcohol by teenagers, drug dealing.

Official Poster and Details

The Vampire Diaries series

The Vampire Diaries Age Rating 2020 - TV Show official Poster Netflix Images and Wallpapers
The Vampire Diaries age rating tv show Netflix
Series Name The Vampire Diaries
Genre Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy
Age Rating  TV-14
Directed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec
Episodes 171
Season 8
Runtime 41-49 mins
Distributed by  Warner Bros. Television
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