the vampire diaries
the vampire diaries

What is The Vampire Diaries Age Rating?

The TV Series  The Vampire Diaries created by an American supernatural teen drama television series created by Kevin Williamson and Julie PlecIn.

Netflix TV Series, The Vampire Diaries is an American Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy, genre TV Series produced by Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Television.

Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Read more about the Netflix TV Series, The Vampire Diaries age Rating, and parental guides for kids.

The Vampire Diaries TV-14 for moderate violence, occasional gory moments, strong injury detail, drug use, strong violence.

Program-rated TV-14 may be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Programs rated TV-14 contain material that parents or adult guardians may find unsuitable for children under the age of 14.

The Vampire Diaries Parents Guide

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The kissing scene between man and woman.
There are some scenes where you will see couples are making out but no nudity is shown on screen.
A man and a woman are seen lying naked in bed, with a sheet covering them.
Only upper body male nudity is shown in the series.
A man is shown kissing and running his hands down a woman’s body. The man is wearing a sheet around his waist and the woman is clothed. There is no nudity in this scene.
A woman hangs herself and is seen hanging dead. Many threatening scenes throughout the series.
There is blood content in the series you will see when a vampire drinks blood only blood will be shown on their mouth and neck.
A vampire chops a man’s fingers off with a kitchen knife. Blood is shown.
Vampires are tortured with vervain which causes burns on their skin.
A woman stabs herself in her stomach and is taken to the hospital.
Vampires rip hearts out. Many torture scenes throughout the series.
A lot of characters are killed, most of the death scenes are emotional.
Supernaturals powers.
Brutal violence, people are killed.
Uses of profanity a**, b**ch, bastard, damn, hell, d**k, etc…
A lot of use of alcohol by teenagers, drug dealing.


Official Poster and Details

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The Vampire Diaries Age Rating 2020 - TV Show official Poster Netflix Images and Wallpapers
The Vampire Diaries age rating tv show Netflix

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Series Name The Vampire Diaries
Genre Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy
Age Rating  TV-14
Directed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec
Episodes 171
Season 8
Runtime 41-49 mins
Distributed by  Warner Bros. Television
Official website

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The Vampire Diaries Overview

After centuries Stefan and Damon Salvatore return to their town of Mystic Fall Virginia. Stefan meets a high school girl named Elena Gilbert who he instantly falls in love with. While Damon the gorgeous, dangerous, and selfish vampire is after his brother’s girl to pay him back for making him turn into a vampire in 1864.

Season 1 

After the death of her parents, 17-year-old Elena becomes interested in a handsome new student named Stefan, who’s hiding a dark secret.

Elena goes to the Salvatore house to talk to Stefan, but finds Damon there instead, who reveals surprising information about Stefan’s past.

Elena invites Stefan and Bonnie to dinner, hoping that the two will bond, but the evening is disrupted by the unexpected and unwelcome arrival of Damon and Caroline.

Season 2

Elena comes home to a nightmare; Damon realizes Katherine has returned; Tyler receives a surprise visit from his uncle.

When a confused and desperate Caroline leaves the hospital and joins her friends at the Mystic Falls Carnival, Damon wants to take immediate action.

Elena, Damon, and Alaric go to Duke University to find Isobel’s research into the paranormal and look for clues to the mystery surrounding the Lockwood family; Stefan faces a new danger in the woods; Tyler makes a shocking discovery about Mason.

Season 3

It’s Elena’s 18th birthday, and as she searches for Stefan, Damon tries to keep her from doing anything that might draw Klaus’s attention.

Damon and Alaric reluctantly go along with Elena’s new strategy to find Stefan, leading Damon into a dangerous fight with an unexpected enemy.

Klaus takes Stefan to Chicago, where he wants to resuscitate his sister Rebekah, who might hold the key to breaking the curse. Gradually, Stefan is reminded of his Prohibition period affair with her while still bloodthirsty himself, and its tragic end.
Season 4

In the fourth season premiere, Elena awakens after the accident to find the thing she dreaded most has come true. Damon is furious with Stefan and takes out his rage on Matt.

Stefan and Damon argue about what is best for Elena. Jeremy and Matt are surprised to see a girl they used to know.

Elena learns confronting Rebekah can be dangerous. Tyler gets a surprise visit from Hayley a werewolf who helped him with Klaus.

Season 5

As the fifth season opens, Elena, after a passionate summer with Damon, heads to college nearby with Caroline as her roommate. Plus, a terrifying appearance by Silas

A fellow Whitmore student named Jesse gives Elena some intriguing information about Professor Wes Maxfield. Damon asks for help finding Stefan.

Damon and Elena try to help Stefan through a confusing time, which ends up taking Elena on an emotional journey. Caroline makes an effort to know Jesse better.

Season 6

Four months have gone by since the Other Side broke down and Bonnie and Damon were lost. Mystic Falls is still a supernatural-free area. Everyone is grieving in their own ways, and some worse than others.

Caroline admits that she has feelings for Stefan. Bonnie and Damon find clues that make them think they might not be alone.

Elena and Damon enter the prison world to bring Bonnie home. Complications arise when Kai escapes and finds Liv. Stefan finds out the truth about Sarah.

Season 7

Damon is faced with a new reality without the love of his life; Bonnie decides to be Damon’s moral compass, and look out for Alaric, who lost his fiancée. Stefan protects the town from Lily; Enzo must decide who he is loyal to.

Damon makes a decision that could ruin Lily and Stefan’s deal; Alaric needs Bonnie’s help with an artifact; Caroline discovers a shocking secret.

Just as Damon thinks he’s gained the upper hand in his fight against Lily, an unexpected turn of events leaves him scrambling for a plan B.

Season 8

Stefan searches tirelessly for Damon and Enzo months after their mysterious disappearance. No one can accept the loss of Damon’s humanity that Enzo hopes for too, Damon carelessly tries to prove everyone wrong.

Stefan and the others remember what matters most when tragedy strikes close to home.

Mystic falls is greeted by a traditional celebration and also two reckless brothers. Caroline remains in denial about the future.

Damon and Alaric face an old enemy after finding a weapon that might kill Cade. Stefan is captured by someone from his past. Bonnie tries to reach out to Enzo through Cade.

What is The Vampire Diaries Runtime

TV Series The Vampire Diaries, with a total of 171 episodes from 8 seasons. Each episode takes 41-49  minutes.

The Vampire Diaries Wallpapers and Images

The Vampire Diaries Age Rating 2020- TV Show Netflix Poster Images and Wallpapers
The Vampire Diaries Age Rating 2020- TV Show Netflix Poster Images and Wallpapers

Official trailer of The Vampire Diaries


Summary of The Vampire Diaries Cast

The TV Series casting includes Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Kat Graham, Candice King,  Kayla Ewell, and others.

In this Series, Nina Dobrev plays the role of Elena Gilbert. While Paul Wesley features Stefan Salvatore. And Ian Somerhalder comes to as Damon Salvatore, Furthermore, Steven R. McQueen stars as Jeremy Gilbert.

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The Vampire Diaries Age Rating and​ The Vampire Diaries Parents guide

Know about​ The Vampire Diaries’ age rating and parental Guidance here.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

The Vampire Diaries rating 12 in the United Kingdom and TV-14 in the United States and overseas. In addition, it is rated 14+ in Canada, MA15+ in Australia, and 10 in France. Other ratings include R13 in New Zealand, 18 in South Korea, 16 in Spain, and 16 in the Netherlands.

This includes the age rating of The Vampire Diaries in the US, UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, etc…

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