The Playlist is a drama miniseries created for Netflix. It was inspired by the book Spotify Untold. This drama is written by Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud. Directed by Per-Olav Sørensen, In this series, it is told a “fictionalized” story of the birth of the Swedish music streaming company, Spotify along with its early challenges.

That’s the voice of Daniel Ek (Edvin Endre), the co-founder of Spotify. We hear in his voiceover how much music influenced him, like when he and his mom would dance to Aretha Franklin.

He’s in the arena to make a talk about his company’s mega success, but then we flash back to Rågsved, Sweden in 2004. Ek is a coder for a small auction website, but he has much bigger ideas.

The Playlist Soundtrack

Here is the full list of The Playlist of Soundtrack

A New Beginning  1:37
Coding 1:42
Letter from Google 0:58
About to Capitulate 2:19
Sacking 1:12
The Birth of an Idea 1:39
Another Day at the Office 1:13
Raid and Aftermath Piratebay 2:15
Acceptance 1:29
Petra Call to Action 1:15
Andreas Meets Martin 2:20
MTV 1:09
Petra Call to Action 2 1:13
Soulmate 3:08
Daniel Rage 1:41
Casino 3:04
Corridor Walk 1:37
Petra Stops 1:39
Gathering the Team 3:20
Waiting 1:55
We Don’t Care 0:47
Night Meeting 2:05
Airport 1:05
Gigantic C 3:11
The End The Future 2:36

After he gets a rejection letter from Google, he decides to quit his job and work for himself; he takes a few months to develop a website that digitizes coupons and brings revenue to companies that sign up for it.

The site catches the eye of two big-time entrepreneurs, including Martin Lorentzon (Christian Hillborg); the pair buy Ek’s company.

He celebrates by going to a club to see his old high school classmate Bobbie T (Janice Kavander) sing. She complains to him that recordings of her gigs are constantly going up on an illegal torrent site called Pirate Bay.

It gives Ek the idea, which he proposes to Lorentzon: Beat Pirate Bay at their own game by providing a fast-lag-free music streaming service. The music stays free for users, but the company he calls it “Spotify”will pay the licensing rights for the songs; the revenue will come from advertising.

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