The next part of The Conjuring Universe is coming next year. The Nun 2, is a sequel to 2018’s Nun. The first part of the film Nun has followed by nuns at a monastery in 1950s Romania as they contended with an unholy force. Valak, the demon was at the center of the film, The film originated in 2016’s.

Now, the sequel of the film will reportedly see Sister Irene, the lead from the first part of the film, encounter Valak as a demon once again in the film.

The Nun 2 Release Date

The Nut 2 is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros.Pictures and New Line Cinema. In the United States on September 8, 2023.

Who will be in the Cast

There is only one cast member which is confirmed to be returning in the film, Bonnie Aarons as Valak. Aaron first appeared as Valak in the first part of The Conjuring 2. Here, Valak has alleged the demon behind the Amityville Horror murders.

 The synopsis tells us about Valak that he will face off with Sister Irene once again in the film, Taissa Farmiga is not been confirmed to reprise her role as Irene in Nut 2. Farmiga admitted that she has been approached. The possibility of returning, though nothing is set in stone.  In case, If Farmiga does not return in the second part, the team may need to recast Farmiga or find a new face with Valak.

There is no official trailer for nun 2 and the release date has not been confirmed.

We will be able to guess the plot, once an official trailer is released. However, even if the plot of the film is unclear, it is expected a large number of horrifying and frightening incidents in the film. Official Website: The Conjuring)

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