The New Naturals Age Ratings
The New Naturals Age Ratings

The New Naturals Age Ratings

The New Natural is a Fiction and Mystery novel by Gabriel Bump, who wrote Everywhere You Don’t Belong in 2022.

The New Natural is a forthcoming novel from Algonquin Books. It was published on November 14, 2023, by Algonquin Book with 304 pages.

In our The New Naturals Age Ratings, you will get information about The New Naturals, whether this book is okay for your kids or not, as everything is not suitable for kids.

Below you will get information regarding The New Naturals Age Ratings The New Naturals Parents Guide, a Summary of The New Naturals, Review of The New Naturals.

NameThe New Naturals
GenreFiction and Mystery
AuthorGabriel Bump
PublisherAlgonquin Books
Age Rating12+
No. of Pages304
Date of PublicationNov. 14, 2023
The New Naturals Age Ratings

The New Natural Age Rating

The New Natural is rated 12 + for revenge. It means The New Natural is inappropriate for kids under 12, and they should not read it either.

Different kids have different maturity levels so you must read the age ratings before any readings to know what content is used in the book.

It is recommended that age rating must be followed by all of you as it is made for your convenience so that you may know about the contents which have been shown in the novel.

The New Naturals Parents Guide

After The New Naturals Age Ratings, The New Naturals Parents Guide is a must before your kid reads The New Naturals as it will let you know about the contents and then it would be easier for you to decide whether this book should be read by your kids or not.

It comprised the following points which we have written here through our analysis.


You would also find some violence in this novel as it is about how his newborn kid dies and then how both Mother and Father decide to make a utopia.


You would also use some harsh words that have been used in the story, which is also not good for the kids and will have a bad impact on your kid.

Characters of The New Naturals

Rio plays the role of the Young Woman, Gibraltar plays the father role, and Sojourner has the role of a journalist.

Summary of The New Naturals

It is the story of the restaurant which is on a hill in Western Massachusetts it does not look like so much but it has become much more than heaven for Rio a young Black woman who has lost her newborn child.

How does she convince her husband to construct a safe society underground, and then everyone must love it as it is where everyone would learn the actual history?

Review of The New Naturals

I Genuinely felt so good after reading The New Naturals, and my heartbeat stopped for a moment while reading, and it gave me goosebumps.

It is really a deep connecting story that will build a relationship when you will read this novel, and you will also enjoy it while reading.

You will also learn so many things from reading The New Naturals, as reading makes us more perceptive about anything.

The above-written article will make you know more about The New Naturals and then you will be able to make the appropriate decision for which you were here.

Age ratings are fixed by the MPAA and BBFC, which is given according to the contents shown and for which age group the content is suitable and for which age group it is not.

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