The Neon Highway Parents Guide (1)
The Neon Highway Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

The Neon Highway Parents Guide: The Neon Highway is a 2024 Drama and Family film directed and written by William Wages.

Are you worried about your kids thinking whether the film is appropriate for them or not? Read our article written below.

It stars Beau Bridges, Rob Mayes, and Sam Hennings. The film is produced by Stratton Leopold and executively produced by Craig Miller, and Lori Berlanga is a co-producer.

Title The Neon Highway
GenreDrama, Family, Music
Released date March 15, 2024
CountryUnited States
Distributor Freestyle Releasing
The Neon Highway Parents Guide
The Neon Highway Parents Guide
The Neon Highway Parents Guide

The Neon Highway Parents Guide and Age Rating

The Neon Highway is PG-13 rated for language and violence shown in the film.

PG-13 means the film is unsuitable for kids under 13, and parents need to be cautious as the film includes content inappropriate for the pre-teens.

Our The Neon Highway Parents Guide is given below:-

Language– Some characters use strong words while talking to each other and continuing the story.

Violence– A man was shown pointing a gun toward a woman and trying to kill her.

Other Details

Below we have given information about The Neon Highway.

What is the storyline?

It follows the story of Wayne, whose dream was not completed due to a car crash twenty years back, and now how he is working to support his family, he meets Claude Allen, a big music singer, which will be enjoyed by the viewers.

When is the release?

The Neon Highway will be released on March 15, 2024, on Freestyle Releasing; after that, you can watch it.

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Who is in the cast?

It includes Beau Bridges as Claude Allen, Sam Hennings as Ray, T.J. Power as Lloyd Collins, Pam Tillis as Self, Wilbur Fitzgerald as Buck Bates, Aldan Karanovich as Hal Collins, and Javier Vazquez Jr. as Second Worker.

Along with Ezekiel Bridges as Bob, Sandra Lee-Oian Thomas as Pepper Dewberry, Lee Brice as Lamont Johnson, Brett Gentile as Elton, Lauren Buglioli as Ginny’s Mom, and Jennifer Bowles as Ginny Collins.

It also includes Joe Knezevich as Charley Yates, Darius Devontaye Green as Suit, Freddy Boyd as First Worker, Mustapha J. Slack as Engineer, and Rob Mayes as Wayne Collins.


"The Neon Highway 2024 movie: America's Drama Unveiled | Trailer HD | Rob Mayes, Beau Bridges"
The Neon Highway Parents Guide


The Neon Highway Parents Guide: After reading our article, you will be able to know why age rating is important and on which basis age ratings are given to the film.

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The Neon Highway
The Neon Highway Parents Guide 1

Director: William Wages

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