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What is The Irregulars Age Rating | The Irregulars Parents Guide

The Irregulars, a British mystery adventure crime drama television series, was created by Tom Bidwell. Based on The works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Produced by Rebecca Hodgson. Production company by Drama Republic.

Moreover, the series was distributed by Netflix.

Parents Guide. However, The Irregulars age rating is TV-14 for injury detail, sex references, sexual images, threat, violence.

TV-14This program may be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.
Programs rated TV-14 contain material that parents or adult guardians may find unsuitable for children under the age of 14.

The Irregulars Parents Guide

Why is The Irregulars series Rated TV-14 ?

A scene in where a teenager enters a room full of nude men, only the butts of the men are seen, No female Nudity is shown throughout the series.
A lot of accouchement and teenagers are in connected crisis and adverse death.
One episode revolves around cutting people’s toes off.
Severe curse words like bloody hell, damn. Shit and others.
Several ravens attack a young teenage girl. You see the aftermath with her eyes clawed out and scratches on her face.
Some jump-scares and boundless exaggeration in anguish and afterlife sequences.
It is adumbrated that a man deads himself.
The Irregulars Release date

The series, The Irregulars released on 26 March 2021 on Netflix.

Official Poster and Details

Why is The Irregulars series Rated TV-14 ?

The Irregulars Parents Guide | Netflix Series Age Rating
The Irregulars Parents Guide | Netflix Series Age Rating
Series Name The Irregulars
Age Rating  TV-14
Season  1
Episode 8
Runtime 49–58 minutes
Creator Tom Bidwell
Distributor  Netflix
Official website NetflixOfficial 

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