_The Hair Tales Trailer Shows Beauty of Black Woman's Hair
_The Hair Tales Trailer Shows Beauty of Black Woman's Hair

OWN had released a new trailer for the docuseries The Hair Tales that highlights the facets of a Black woman’s hair. From the history of their style to the artistry that goes into creating such intricate and beautiful hairdos and the identity that the hair is a part of, the show will explore everything about the hair through the personal stories of the influential Black women.

The footage indicates the conversations will go much farther, examining the relationship of hair with the culture and humanity of these women and how it has often been suppressed over the years. Created by Michaela angela Davis and Tracee Ellis Ross the series premieres this October 22 on Hulu and OWN.

The Hair Tales trailer shows Black hair of all shapes and sizes before diving into how these styles are only possible today because of years of changes surrounding the perception of hair.

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Black hairstyles often had a stigma attached and many men and women would straighten their hair to be more presentable or to meet white beauty standards. The result was a generation of people growing up to be ashamed of what they were born with, an experience of the series guests echo through stories of their youth. Through those stories, Hair Tales’ aim is to connect hair with humanity for Black women.

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