_The Ghoul Boys Ready To Return For Ghost Files Season 2
_The Ghoul Boys Ready To Return For Ghost Files Season 2

It is just the beginning of October and all our favorite spooky programming is back. This includes the new series Ghost Files, which sees the return of fan-favorite paranormal investigators Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej after their last series Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural which ended last year. We are left with only two episodes into the new series, Ghost Files is already a hit, and now it is announced that the ghost hunting series is coming back with Ghost Files Season 2.

 Bergara and Madej made the announcement on the official Watcher Twitter page for Ghost Files Season 2. In the post, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej thanked their fans for all the support. They also requested to viewers submitted evidence in the Orlando, Florida area, so it could be featured in a Season 2 episode.

When the new series interacted with the audience the series has been one of the unique hooks of Ghost Files. While Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are investigating the spooky locations they took into account the past evidence that was captured by fans of the series.

The fan-submitted evidence is intercut with the actual investigation as Bergara and Madej try to recreate, debunk, or prove the validity of what they were sent.

In the two episodes, the paranormal feel again with Ghost Files Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural was not only one of the funniest shows, but it was also one of the more informative paranormal shows. That entertaining balance continues in Ghost Files Season 2.

Bergara and Madej have returned to Waverly Hills Sanatorium and confronted ghouls on Alcatraz Island. The one thing which is not changed is Bergara and Madej’s busting banter.

Their struggle of being a believer and skeptics trying to work out their differences, they make fun of one another remains some of the best TV we will ever watch.

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