The Floor Parents Guide (1)
The Floor Parents Guide (1)

The Floor Parents Guide: The Floor is a 2024 Gameshow TV series created by John de Mol in which Rob Lowe is a self-host.

Its executive producers are Shane Byrne, Anthony Carbone, Anthony Carbone, Tenneil Cobb, Chris Culvenor, John de Mol, Wesley Dening, Paul Franklin, Eden Gaha, and Mark van Achterberg.

If your kid likes Gameshow, then you should read this article as this will give you information about The Floor Parents Guide, The Floor Age Ratings, and other details The Floor.

Title The Floor
Genre Gameshow
Host Rob Lowe
Released date January 2, 2024
Country United States
Language English
Distributor Fox Network
The Floor Parents Guide
The Floor Parents Guide
The Floor Parents Guide

The Floor Parents Guide and Age Ratings

The Floor is not rated yet. We will update you soon about it, but it is not suitable for kids under 13 as this is a reality TV Series, so it may have some languages that are not suitable for the kids.

Kids should not watch it without their Parent’s consideration as they can have bad impacts from it when they watch.

Age ratings are given according to the contents shown as different kids have different maturity levels, so it is your responsibility to allow them to watch the suitable sizes.

The Floor Parents Guide will guide you about the contents of the Series in which way it is shown so that you can guide your kid on the right track.

From my point of view, you should always go for the reviews of the series before you allow your kids to watch it.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about The Floor.

What is the storyline?

It features the story of 81 contestants who are shown in duels, and they perform with each other until the one who is left is left, will be the winner, and will get the prize of $250,000.

When is the release?

The Floor will be premiered on January 2, 2024, on Fox Network; after that, you will be able to watch it and enjoy it with your friends.


The Floor Official Trailer — Hosted by Rob Lowe | FOXTV
The Floor Parents Guide


The Floor is not officially rated yet. We will update you about it; our main aim of writing is to make you aware of whether The Floor is appropriate for your kid. Keep reading our article and also enjoy reading it.

Age Ratings make it easier to take the right decision for kids to decide which series is suitable for which age groups and which age groups must not watch it.

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