The Devil’s Hour Soundtrack

The Devil’s Hour is a British drama thriller television series created by Tom Moran, and executive produced by Steven Moffat through his production company Hartswood Films.

Lucy is a social worker dealing with family and relationships woes, who begins seeing strange visions in her sleep. Soon, she becomes wrapped up in a murder investigation connected to a disappearance many years ago.

‘The Devil’s Hour’, the twist-filled time-travel adventure series has ended. Tom Moran’s show was packed with plenty of things in the six episodes of the first season. Although there is no official statement about the show’s second season, there are many things in the first season that suggest the return of Peter Capaldi’s Gideon Shepherd character.

List of Soundtrack

Here is the full list of The Devil’s Hour Soundtrack

The Devil’s Hour Main Titles I 1:35
3:33 3:11
Sleepwalking 4:11
Pink Sunflowers 1:31
Meredith Warren 3:17
Dreams 1:38
The Lodge 3:08
There Is No Beginning, No End – I 3:50
Concentric Circles 4:40
Putting Together the Pieces 1:19
Dear Lucy 3:23
There Is No Beginning, No End – II 2:15
I Need It to Be Over – Reprise 3:25
I Need It to Be Over – The Darkness  3:13
I Need It to Be Over – The Light 4:07
Speed Kings 1:13
Malcolm 3:07
Halstead’s Paradise 2:59
I Need to Know 1:11
The Red Box (Whiskey Concussion) 3:08
And Again and Again 3:32
Emotional Anomaly 3:01
Scents of Balance 3:51
There Is No Beginning, No End – III 3:41
There Is No Beginning, No End – IV 6:27
The Devil’s Hour Main Titles VI 0:55


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In the series, It is told that Gideon is a killer who is somehow tied to the life of Lucy Chambers. Lucy is a stressed-out social worker who wakes up every night at precisely 3:33 am. She is also a mother to Issac, a troubled emotionless boy who can see things that others cannot.

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Lucy experiences deja vu. The end of the series explains that the problems of Lucy and Issac germinate from their past. Later in the show is revealed that Issac has reality-jumping.

The series consists of six episodes and premiered on 28 October 2022 You can watch The Devil’s Hour on Amazon Prime Video on Friday,

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