Who is in the cast of 2022 The Super Mario Bros Movie
Who is in the cast of 2022 The Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is an upcoming computer-animated fantasy adventure comedy film. This comedy film is based on Nintendo’s Mario Game franchise and this movie is produced by Illumination in association with Nintendo and distributed by Universal Pictures.

It is the third feature film adaptation of the Mario franchise, following the Japanese anime film Super Mario Bros.: In 1986 Great mission to save Princess Peach! and the 1993 American live-action film Super Mario Bros.

The film is directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic from a screenplay by Matthew Fogel. The film’s ensemble voice cast features Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario and also added Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, Sebastian Maniscalco, Charles Martinet, and Kevin Michael Richardson.

2022 The Super Mario Bros Movie Characters

Here is the voice cast and characters list in full:

  • In this movie, Christ Pratt gives the voice of Mario
  • Anya Taylor-Joy gives the voice of Princess Peach
  • Charlie Day gives the voice of Luigi
  • Jack Black gives the voice of Bowser
  • Keegan-Michael Key gives the voice of Toad
  • Seth Rogen gives the voice of Donkey Kong
  • Fred Armisen gives the voice of Cranky Kong
  • Sebastian Maniscalco gives the voice of Foreman Spike
  • Kevin Michael Richardson gives the voice of Kamek

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2022 The Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer

The mind-twister trailer was released in October 2022, finally, disclosing Chris Pratt’s Mario voice as well as Jack Black’s booming Bowser.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD

This is in part due to the film’s art designer, David Snyder, having previously been designed for the science-fiction cyberpunk film Blade Runner and both directors of the film having previously created the satirical dystopian science fiction series Max Headroom.

With Super Mario World having been released in North America less than two years prior to the film, the film carries a strong dinosaur theme and plot inspired by Dinosaur Land.

The Super Mario Bros Movie was a financial failure and has received generally negative reviews from critics, with the main criticism points being the plot, inconsistent tone, and deviations from the source material.

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