The Boys season 4
The Boys season 4

In The Boys season 4: Meet Sups sister Firecracker and Sage. Supposedly like we’re going to have to wait a long time before we know the full range of their roles. Character details will be kept under wraps until season 4 premieres on Prime Video, in accordance with Amazon.

Now, we are guessing that will be sometime in 2023. We can, although, take away small details from their official apparel — begin, as always, with the show’s supe suit designer Laura Jean Shannon.

Heyward’s Sister Sage has her own Louis Vuitton-encouraging letter pattern adorning her suit. The repeating “SS” is everywhere, from her belt to the unite chain on the front of her suit to the metallic collar cradling her neck.

The symbol of an eye is also a compelling element of this look, rising conspicuously on her chest. In accordance to Amazon in a tweet, Sister Sage is “already a thousand steps ahead of you,” hinting that she’s clairvoyant.

Curry’s Firecracker is of a contrasting persuasion, which is closer to a patriotic Lara Croft. Her look is all about guns; the pistol on her thigh holster complements the gun symbols on her belt. And, naturally, she dons red, white, and blue as a proud gun-toting patriot.

She’s giving us some serious Gunpowder vibes. Could she somehow be related to that NRA-loving former member of Payback, portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery in The Boys season 3

The Boy’s season 3 finale gives us a lot of hints as to what season 4 is going to be about. Part of it will be a figurative “tug of war” for the soul of Ryan.

We are also now in a world where Homelander’s alt-right supporters applaud the sadistic supe for executing a protestor in full public view, as we saw last season. The Walking Dead star and Supernatural veteran Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a longtime fan of The Boys, is another actor involving the cast for The Boys season 4, which is presently filming in Toronto. His character is still locked away in some Vought vault somewhere.

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