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Burial Parents Guide Burial is an upcoming Thriller Movie. Directed and Written by Ben Parker. If your kids wish to watch the series it is important for you to check out the Burial Parents Guide. It gives you prior information about the content of the movie so that you can decide if the film is […]

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Rubikon (2022)

Rubikon Parents Guide Rubikon is an upcoming Sci-Fi film directed by Magdalena Lauritsch. The story is set in 2056 and follows the growth of a toxic cloud of pollution that swallows the planet and kills the vast majority of us. It is important for parents to check age ratings and parents’ guide of a film […]

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The Innocents (Film 2021)

The Innocents Parents guide and Age Rating The Innocents originally titled asDe uskyldige is a 2021 Norwegian horror film directed by Eskil Vogt. In June 2021, the film was selected to compete in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. In this article you will get to know The Innocents Age rating […]

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Hatching (Film 2022)

Hatching Parents guide and Age Rating Hatching Parents Guide: Hatching is a 2022 horror film directed by Hanna Bergholm and written by Ilja Rautsi. The film stars Jani Volanen, Reino Nordin, Saija Lentonen, Siiri Solalinna and Sophia Heikkilä. In this article below, you will get to know the Hatching Age rating and to know more […]

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Barbarians (2022 Film)

Barbarians Parents Guide and Age Rating An upcoming horror-thriller film Barbarians is co-written and directed by Charles Dorfman producer of “The Lost Daughter“. Barbarians is also his debut as a writer and director. Production Companies are Buckland, Media Finance Capital, Media Finance Capital and Samuel Marshall Productions and the film is distributed by IFC Midnight. […]

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A Banquet (2022)

A Banquet Parents Guide A Banquet is a British horror film directed by Ruth Paxton and written by Justin Bull. It is premiered at the 2021 Toronto Film Festival. Production companies of this film are Han Way Films, Tea Shop Productions, Riverstone Pictures, and REP Productions 8 Ltd, Distributed by IFC Midnight. A Banquet Release […]

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See for Me (2022)

See for Me Parents Guide See for Me is a Canadian thriller film written by Adam Yorke, Tommy Gushue and directed by Randall Okita. It is produced by Matt Code, Kristy Neville. The film is distributed by Dutch FilmWorks, IFC Midnight, levelFILM. However, the production company is Wildling Pictures. Film See for Me Release date […]

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The 12th Man (2018)

The 12th Man Parents Guide The 12th Man (Den 12. mann) is a Norwegian historical drama film written by Petter Skavlan and directed by Harald Zwart. It is based on the book Jan Baalsrud and Those Who Saved Him by Tore Haug, Astrid Karlsen Scott. The film is produced by Veslemøy Ruud Zwart, Espen Horn, […]

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Settlers ( 2021 Film)

What is the Settlers age rating | Settlers Parents Guide Read about Settlers Parents Guide. However, the 2021 Film Settlers age rating is 15 for strong threat, sexual threat, bloody images, language. Rated 15 is suitable only for 15 years and over. No one younger than 15 may see a film rated 15. The board […]

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Demonic (2021)

Demonic Parents Guide Demonic is an upcoming Canadian supernatural horror film written and directed by Neill Blomkamp. It is produced by Stuart Ford. The film is distributed by IFC Midnight and the production company is AGC Studios. Worried about your kid?  which movie is good for your kid?. To know more details about Demonic movies just read […]