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The Spine of Night (2021)

  The Movie The Spine of Night  American  Animation, a Horror film created by Philip Gelatt and Morgan Galen King. In fact, the  Movie The Spine of Night is an American Animation, Fantasy, Horror genre Movie produced by Gorgonaut, Reno Productions more about Movies The Spine of Night age Rating, and parental guides for kids. The Movie, The […]

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The Widow (2021)

  The  Movie The Widow American  Horror, Mystery, Thriller film created by Ivan Minin.In fact, the  Movie The Widow is an American  Horror, Mystery, Thriller genre  Movie produced by Central Partnership Productions, QS Films more about  Movies The Widow distributed by BfParis, Golden Village Pictures, Purple Plan, Central Partnership, Scream Factory age Rating, and parental guides for […]

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Ghost Tale (2021)

  The Netflix Movie Ghost Tale   American  Horror film created by Katherine King. In fact, the Netflix Movie Ghost Tale is an American Horror genre  Movie produced by Hidden Film more about Netflix Movies Ghost Tale distributor by Hallmark Channel age Rating, and parental guides for kids. The Movie, Ghost Tale Official Poster, and Details [su_table responsive=”yes”] Note! […]

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The Block Island Sound (2021)

  The  Movie The Block Island Sound American  Horror, Sci-Fi film created by  Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus.In fact, the Movie The Block Island Sound is an American Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller genre  Movie produced by 30 Bones Cinema, Hood River Entertainment, Captain Intertia Productions, Title Media, 79th & Broadway Entertainment, Captain Inertia Productions more about TV The […]

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The Devil Below (2021)

  The Movie American  Horror, Thriller film The Devil Below created by Bradley Parker. In fact, the Movie The Devil Below is an American Horror, Thriller genre Movie produced by 1inMM Productions more about Movies The Devil Below distributed by Vertical Entertainment age Rating, and parental guides for kids. The Movie, The Devil Below Official Poster, and […]

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Know Fear (2021)

  The Movie American  Horror film Know Fear created by Jamison M. LoCascio. In fact, the Movie Know Fear is an American  Horror genre Movie produced by Film Valor (United States), Halcyon Valor Productions more about Movies Know Fear age Rating and parental guides for kids. The Movie, Know Fear  Official Poster, and Details [su_table […]

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Jakob’s Wife (2021)

  The Movie American Horror, Thriller film Jakob’s Wife created by  Travis Stevens. In fact, the Movie Jakob’s Wife is an American Horror, Thriller genre Movie produced by AMP International, Eyevox moreover distributor by AMP International (2021) (Worldwide) (theatrical), Front Row Filmed Entertainment (2020) (United Arab Emirates) (all media) (Middle East, North Africa and Iran),  Première TV […]

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Gaia (2021)

What is Gaia age rating? Read about Gaia Parents Guide. However, Gaia Age Rating is R for some violence and bloody images, sexual content, nudity, and language. R RATED MEANING: R – Restricted Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their […]

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The Heiress (2021)

The Movie American Horror film The Heiress created by Chris Bell. In fact, the Movie The Heiress is an American Horror genre Movie produced by Old Way Film & Television Moreover, distributed by 4Digital Media (2021) (USA) (all media), The Movie Partnership Read more about Movies The Heiress age Rating and parental guides for kids. The […]

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Slaxx (2021)

Slaxx Age Rating: The Movie American Comedy, Family, Horror film Slaxx created by Elza Kephart. In fact, the Movie Slaxx  is an American  Comedy, Family, Horror genre Movie produced by EMA Films,Entertainment Squad Moreover, Distributed by the Horror Collective (2020) (USA) (theatrical), Filmoption International  Read more about Movies Slaxx age Rating, and parental guides for kids. The Movie, Slaxx […]