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Call Me Miss Cleo (2022)

Call Me Miss Cleo Parents Guide Call Me Miss Cleo is an upcoming documentary physics. The director of Call Me Miss Cleo are Jennifer Brea and Celia Aniskovich, Joanna Zwickel, and Celia Aniskovich are the producers of the film while Jennifer O’Connell and Lizzie are the Fox executive producer. The film named Call Me Miss […]

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Kangaroo Valley (2022)

Kangaroo Valley Parents Guide Kangaroo Valley is an upcoming American Documentary film. The filmmaker of Kangaroo Valley is Kylie Stott who is also engaged in directing his new documentary television series named Wild Tales. The story of Kangaroo Valley is written by Tab Murphy and Sarah Snook the main cast of the film. If your […]

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To the End (2022)

To the End Parents Guide To the End is a 2022 American documentary film. To the End is under the direction of Rachel Lears who has also directed Knock Down the House in 2018 and Aggie in 2020, and the film To The End is written by Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick. It casts Rhiana […]

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Bosé (2022)

Bosé Parents Guide Bosé is the newest Documentary TV series. The creator of Bose is Nacho Faerna, Miguel Bardem, and Fernando Trullols, and screenwriters by Ángeles González-Sinde, Isabel Vázquez, and Boris Izaguirre. The cast of Bosé include Iván Sánchez, José Pastor, Valeria Solarino, Alicia Borrachero, Ana Torrent. If you want to know the parents guide […]

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THE VOLCANO: Rescue from Whakaari (2023)

THE VOLCANO: Rescue from Whakaari Parents Guide THE VOLCANO: Rescue from Whakaari is the newest Documentary film with director Rory Kennedy and the writers of the film are Dallas Brennan and Mark Bailey. Rory Kennedy who is had also directed The Fence is telling the true story of the tragic volcanic eruption that was occurred […]

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Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays

Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays Parents guide Pentatonix is a Documentary TV- series. The producer of Pentatonix is Ashley Edens the executive producer, David Jammy the executive producer, Connor Malbeuf the producer, Jennifer Muccia the supervising producer, and Katy Mullan. It Stars Nico Santos, Kirstin Maldonado, Scott Hoying. Pentatonix follows group Pentatonix as […]

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Idina Menzel(2022)

Idina Menzel Parents Guide Idina Menzel is an upcoming inspirational documentary film. The filmmaker of Idina Menzel is Anne McCabe. The film stars Idina Menzel, Josh Groban, Aaron Lohr. The upcoming film is about an American actress and singer, who is known for her work in musicals on the Broadway stage.  She has achieved success across […]

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If These Walls Could Sing (2022)

If These Walls Could Sing Parents Guide If These Walls Could Sing is an upcoming British documentary film. The film is directed by Mary McCartney. Produced by John Battsek. It features a documentary debut, about the history of Abbey Road Studios in London and the experiences and memories of the musicians who have played there. […]