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 Stranger Things Age Rating

The Netflix TV Series stranger things is created by an American science fiction horror streaming television created by Duffer Brothers, the Netflix TV Series, stranger things is Science fiction series.
Horror genre TV Series produced by 21 Laps Entertainment, Monkey Massacre. Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed by Netflix. 

Netflix Series the Stranger Things Rated TV-14.

TV-14. This program may be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Programs rated TV-14 contain material that parents or adult guardians may find unsuitable for children under the age of 14.

Stranger Things Parents Guide

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Sexual references and romantic talks between couples in the series but there is no nudity throughout the series.
Kissing scenes between teens and adults and in later episodes many kissing scenes between kids.
Couples are shown making out but no nudity has been shown.
Violence and blood content is a part of the series. Many characters die.
Fighting scenes between characters.
In one scene a man is stabbed with scissors blood is coming out from the wound.
Scary monsters are shown.
In a scene, two men die and their bodies are seen melting and all their guts and blood moving by themself and they are forming a monster. This scene was very disgusted and horrifying.
Frequent use of profanity.
Many characters have seen smoking and drinking throughout the series and some underage is also shown smoking.
People are talking about marijuana, cocaine and illegal pill use. But no usage is ever shown of hard drugs.


Stranger Things Season 4 Release date

Stranger Things Season 4 will available on Netflix in 2021.

Official Poster and Details

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stranger things Age Rating 2020- TV Show official Poster Netflix Images and Wallpapers


TV Series Name  Stranger Things
Genre  Drama, Fantasy, Horror 
Age Rating  TV-14
Seasons 4
Episodes 34
Creator  The Duffer Brothers
Official website  Netflix


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Stranger Things Netflix TV Series Overview

Stranger Things season 1 Breakdown

This story is from the 80s and it starts when Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will four best friends were playing Dungeons and dragon a board game, after the game when Will was on his way home then Demogorgon named animal from another dimension pulls him to his world, this another hidden world is known as the Upsidedown an alternate dimension.

Another day in the morning Will’s mother and his brother Jonathan goes to file the missing complaint, chief inspector Jim Hopper takes the case in his hand, then we see Eleven who’s stealing food from a restaurant, restaurant owner caught her and calls the social service department that’s she has found a girl, but instead of social service teams here comes the agents of Dr. Brenner, these are the guys Eleven ran from because they were performing various experiments on her at Hawkins lab.

Apparently, Eleven has some superpowers, one of these agents kills the restaurant owner, but luckily Eleven runs from this place as well and while running she meets Mike and his friends who were finding Will, the second they know about Eleven’s superpowers.

Mike take her to his home’s basement, Mike’s sister Nancy is dating the bad guy Steve from his school, he holds a party at his house along with his friends, where Nancy took her best friend Barbara, Barbara gets humiliated in the pursuit of being cool, and later she sits by the pool, then Nancy and Steve get close in his room when all this was going one Will’s big brother Jonathan sitting outside click the picture of these two.

And suddenly Barbara disappeared, unintentionally this accident is also recorded by Jonathan’s camera, Barbara was taken by Demogorgon in his world the Upside down. Then Joyce thinks Will is trying to communicate with her with the help of light, so she decorates her house with lights. Hopper thinks something is related to Wills’s disappearance and Hawkins’s lab.

And they are hiding something from us. Hopper secretly starts his research and finds out that various weird experiments are being performed on humans to find the truth out. Terry Ives was a part of their experiment; Hopper leaves to find Terry to know more about it. Police find the dead body in Hawkins pond. However, Eleven believes that Will is still alive, and to make sure, she uses her power.

Stranger Things Official Trailer

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With the help of Mikes’s wocky tocky, she contacts Will in the upside-down world, then Mike and his friends take Eleven to their school so that they can contact Will with the help of the big radio station at school. Joyce isn’t ready to believe that Will is dead; she thinks Will is calling her from the walls of her house; she could also see Will on the other side of the wall. But still, there is a wall between the son and mother.

Then suddenly, tearing the wall apart, a Demogorgon comes out, and Joyce runs to save herself. She tells everything to the police, and everyone thinks she has gone mad after her son died. The moment Steve knows that Jonathan was taking a picture of Nancy and him, he breaks Jonathan’s camera, and Nancy turns upset because of this, and she breaks up temporarily from Steve.

When Nancy sees these photos, she notices, Barbara, in these photos, along with Barbara Demogorgon, was also captured; she recognizes that the monster is the same that Joyce believed she saw at her house. Hopper learns that the body they found was a dummy, all the doubts about Hawkins Lab were turning into reality. Then Hopper secretly searches Hawkins’s lab.

Mike and his friends now believe that Will is captured in some alternate world. Then they get to know from their teacher that if there might be any gate that connects the alternate world, then there must be a lot of magnetic distortion around that area. According to this theory, Mike and his friends leave with Eleven and a compass to find that door. Eleven already knew about that door, but she didn’t tell them willingly because she knew there s dangerous creatures on the other side of the door, then to save them.

Eleven take them in another direction. Lucas gets this and starts yelling at her. Eleven gets angry and lifts Lucas in the air, and runs away, Hopper finds that room to the world upside down while searching the Hawkins lab, but before he could move forward, someone knocks him down and wake him up in his house.

Hopper is clear that this isn’t a dream; someone huge is connected behind all this, then he finds hidden microphones while searching his own home. And then some police officer arrives and tells him they found Barbara’s car, It looks like Barbara was fed up with her parents and left the city, but Hopper thinks there could be only one reason in both the missing cases.

Nancy and Jonathan went into the jungle to kill the Demogorgon; here, Nancy finds another room that leads to the upside-down world. The second she enters, she faces Demogorgon. Jonathan somehow manages to pull Nancy back and then run away from there. That day she was scared and couldn’t sleep, and she asked Jonathan to stay with her. After that photograph scene, Steve went there to make things back to normal, but he leaves in anger after seeing her with Jonathan.

Hopper and Joyce reached Terry’s house, who was in no condition to talk after the experiment performed on her. Here Terry’s sister tells them that she was a part of project MK ultra by Brenner. She was pregnant during the experiments, they think, Brenner stole Terry’s child, and now he’s experimenting on her. Nancy and Jonathan again plan to kill Demogorgon.

Still, they are fully prepared for the sudden Steve and Jonathan fight on Nancy’s character. Then we see in a flashback that the real reason that Demogorgon comes to this world. Eleven, she’s the one who opened the door of Upside down due to the pressure of Brenner. When Mike and his friends were finding Eleven, they came across some bullies. These kids forced Mike to jump from a hilltop.

Still, Eleven arrives and saves these kids and breaks the hand of one of these bullies. Here she confesses she’s the real reason Will disappeared. She opened the door upside-down and let Demogorgon into this world. Still, they became friends again, but then Lucas sees those agents reach Mike’s house to search for Mike, Lucas gives this information to Mike, and then everyone, including Eleven, runs away.

Then one of those agents’ vans stops those kids, but with her help, power Eleven puts the van aside. Then Nancy and Jonathan explain everything about Demogorgon to Joyce and Hopper. They think Demogorgon attracts them.

Then all these take Eleven and go to school to use her power to find Will after the van incident. Eleven is a little weak now. To amplify her power, they build a deprivation tank so that Eleven can focus on the powers. With her powers, Eleven sees that Barbara is dead, but Will is still alive.

Nancy and Jonathan go to kill Demogorgon to save Will, Hopper, and Joyce plan to go into the upside-down world, But after entering the Hawkins lab, they get caught by the Brenners man. Nancy and Jonathan attract Demogorgon and bring him into their world. At the same time, Steve arrives, and these three start fighting with Demogorgon and burns him on fire.

The burning Demogorgon runs back into his world. And we see a great deal between Brenner and Hopper. Brenner said he wants Eleven instead of Will. Hopper and Joyce went into the upside-down world to save Will, so Brenner’s agent arrives at the school to catch Eleven, hereafter kills all the agents of Brenner she’s getting tired and falls, then a Demogorgon goes and attack doctor Brenner.

Joyce and Hopper find Will, who was covered in the rubble of the upside-down world. Then Demogorgon attacks Mike and his friends at the end moment Eleven wakes up uses all her power to burst Demogorgon into pieces. It looks like she died in doing so; Steve and Nancy were back together, Will is also back at his home.

Stranger Things season 2 Breakdown

We get to see a gangster teenager who has powers and a number tattoo on her hand, just like Eleven. A new gamer girl in Hawkins Max broke all the boys’ records in video games. After seeing her, everyone goes crazy for her. Since Will came back from the Upside Down world, he’s having a scary vision, in which he sees a big shadow monster. Joyce is taking care of Will with her new boyfriend, Bob. Barbara’s parents think she’s still alive, and to find her, they hire a private investigator; Murray Bauman is also a conspiracy theorist.

He believes the disappearance of Barbara and Eleven and all the strange things happening in Hawkins are somehow connected. Hopper meets a local farmer to ask about some weird things, and suddenly all his farms are destroyed. He thinks with the help of chemicals, and someone did it intentionally. To cure Will’s vision, Hopper Joyce and take him to a new lab director; here, doctor Sam Owens says maybe Will has PTSD because of whatever he went through in the last few days.

Then Sam Owens and his team are stopping the door of the upside-down world from moving forward. Then we see Eleven is staying with Hopper in a secret cabin. In the last episode, when Eleven was destroying the monster, she went into the upside-down world, and when she came back, the FBI was looking for her. To keep her safe from the FBI and government system, Hopper kept her hidden.

As soon as another crop fails, Hopper believes this is connected to the upside-down world. After a little investigation, he finds evidence related to the upside-down world. Nancy and Jonathan decide that it’s finally time to tell the truth about the death of Barbara to her parents. But they fear that Dr. Owens or the FBI may tap their phones. That’s why they plan to meet her parents at a public location.

A Halloween celebration is going on in Hawkins. Lucas and Dustin meet Max and invite her to the celebration, then we meet her crazy brother Billy, who irritates her and threatens to blow up her friends by the car. The same night at the Halloween party, Nancy gets drunk and again breaks up with Steve. As always, Jonathan is there to look after her. Max accepts Lucas’s invitation, and then they go to trick and treat, and again Will goes through his traumatic visions of the upside-down, but with the help of his friends, he normalizes.

After returning from the celebrations, Dustin finds a small animal from the Upside Down world. Dustin holds him and names him Dart. After looking at it all, his friend believes it’s one of the animals that ran away from the Upside down world, But he will know how this animal came here. It’s the same thing that came out of Will’s mouth. Hopper meets Dr. Owens and tells him about the pumpkin field, and he thinks there’s a connection between the upside-down world; he threatens him to do whatever you want to but keep these experiments away from my country.

On the other hand, even after refusing, Eleven goes to school to meet Mike, but after watching Mike and Max together he heart broke, and she came back. Will again gets into a trauma of the shadow monster, but this time he decides to fight him, as Bob said. Bob thinks this is all because of his fear. If he wants to get rid of it, he needs to control his fear. Now that shadow monster enters Will’s body. After he woke up, he started doing weird things, continuously drawing, staying in a cold room, and talking foolishly.

After watching this, Joyce call Hopper to her home, after looking at it, Hopper clearly understands this is a map, and then he leaves without saying a word. After many precautions, Dr. Owens discovers their exploits, and then some agents take these to the lab and dr. Owens shows them the upside-down gateway and confesses that Barbara died there. But he didn’t want any other country to know about this. That’s why they have kept this a secret, but they didn’t know Nancy was recording everything.

Eleven finds evidence related to her mother and then tries to contact her with her power. Dustin gets to know that his little pet is a Demogorgon who ate his cat. While searching the fields, Hopper finds ways that lead to the upside world, and while he was checking the internals, he gets stuck in them. Though Will is connected to the shadow monster, he realizes Hopper is in danger. Then Joyce takes help from Bob for solving the map puzzle made by Will, so altogether they’re making the map of Hawkins, and after a little calculation, Bob finds the exact location of Hopper.

Dustin somehow closes the small Demogorgon in his basement. To win her trust Lucas tells everything to Max about Upside down and Demogorgon, but Max doesn’t believe a thing. Nancy and Jonathan take the recording and go to Murray; he believes that if we need to tell this to the public, we need to modify this a little.

If he ever talked about Demogorgon or Upside down, the world will declare him mad and a conspiracy theorist and ignore him. Eleven ran from the cabin in search of her mother and reached her home. where these connect through their psychic power. Years back, Terry tried to escape eleven, but Dr. Brenner caught her and made this state of mind.

Surprisingly Brenner was experimenting on another girl just like eleven. Joyce and Bob succeed in saving Hopper, then the people of Dr. Owens arrive and tries to burn that tunnel, fires directly on Will’s body, and he starts to suffer. After looking at Will’s conditions, everyone took him to the lab. The Doctor believes that Will’s mind is now controlled by the shadow monster just like a virus, Will’s mind and body are now directly connected upside down. It means if anyone tried to do anything to the upside-down world or their creatures, it’d directly affect Will’s body.

Jonathan and Nancy plan to the public those recordings with the help of the media. And with the help of those tunnels, Dart escapes, then Dustin Steve and the rest altogether plan to catch him; on this mission, Lucas brings Maz as well. Max and Billy are stepped brother-sister Billy’s father married Max’s mother, that he doesn’t like at all, max tells all this to Lucas, Dustin, Steve, and others understand that he isn’t alone, along with his friends he attacks them.

Still, then suddenly all creatures ran away, dr. Owens finds a secret tunnel of Upside down with the help of Will; this is a local where Will couldn’t see clearly, so they believe the shadow monster might have hidden something there.

Owens sends some of his agents to the location to look into this matter, but they are going to get trapped in all his planning. Shadow monsters controlled Wills’s minds and sent them to that secret location to be trapped there and killed with the help of their monster. After that, the monster army enters the lab. On the other hand, Eleven finds number 8(Kali) with the help of her powers. Here Kali tells her that her power is connected to her anger. After a makeover, eleven and Kali, with the help of her friends, find the partner of Dr. Brenner.

He was the one that shocked Eleven’s mother at the behest of Brenner. Kali wants eleven to kill him and take revenge for her mother, But eleven sees his kids and lets him live. He believes Brenner is still alive. Then Eleven sees in her vision that Mike and Hopper are stuck somewhere, then eleven leave Kali and her team and go for Hawkins. There Mike understands that the shadow monster is keeping an eye on them with the help of Will.

Then, Joyce, Bob, Hopper, and Owens make him unconscious and take him safely. Outside monster kills all the doctors and sacred staff. Then suddenly there’s a power cut in the building, then Bob decides that he’ll go down all by himself to reset the circuit breaker. Bob successfully helps Joyce Hopper and runs away from there but gets killed himself. Luckily Nancy and Jonathan reach on time and save them all. Then including kids, everyone gathers at Will’s house.

Boys understand that shadow monster is just like their board game’s mind flair. After killing the mind flare, all these Demodorgs will be dead, but it’ll be dangerous for Will because technically, Will is also connected to that monster. With the help of more scores, they try to connect the real Will inside him, who tells them to close the gate that connects the upside-down world.

Then some Demodorgs attack them, but then Eleven arrives and saves them all. After meeting them, Eleven and Hopper go back to the lab to close the door, and to distract Flair’s mind, Steve Max and the boys go to the tunnel. Now to pull out the shadow monster Joyce Jonathan and Nancy heat up Will’s body. Here Steve and Billy had a one-sided fight, but Max, later on, got rid of him.

Nancy uses burning iron rods to pull the shadow monster out of Will. Mind flair didn’t die; he just ran away. In the lab, Eleven uses her unlimited power to seal the upside-down door. After the door is closed, all the Demodorgs die. One month later, after the publication of Dr. Owens’s recording, the government seals the Hawkins lab. Barbara is finally declared dead Somehow.

Now Eleven is a Jain Hopper school organized a Christmas ball dance party, where Mike and Eleven kiss, Max and Lucas kisses Will gets a dance partner. And taking pity on poor Dustin, Nancy dances with him. In the end scene, the mind flair keeps an eye on all the kids from Upside down.

Stranger Things Season 4 

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Stranger Things season 3 Breakdown

Scientists and researchers tried to open the door that leads to the upside-down world. Mike and Eleven are finally together but Hopper doesn’t like this so he warns him. Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship is at the next level. Local businesses closed as soon as new businesses came to Hawkins, Steve started working here as well, and because he was well known there so the kids could often visit secretly to watch movies, one day while they were watching the movie, suddenly the electricity of the whole town went out.

Will again felt the presence of mind flair when a weird thing got released at the nearest warehouse. After a while, a lot of rats came and started bursting into this warehouse. Dustin made a radio tower on the top of the nearest hill so that everyone can talk to his GF who lives in Utah. Billy and Mike’s mother were having an affair after everyone slept.

They were going to go on a date together but before that he had an accident and some monster took him inside the warehouse. The monster controlled him and told him to bring his coworker Heather to the warehouse.

Nancy and Jonathan were working as intern reporters and following a case lead they went to an old lady, she believes that mice were eating all the fertilizers kept in the basement as for the evidence she captured one of them after Nancy and Jonathan left the mouse burst and the liquid body gets out of the cage. Dustin went to meet Steve and they learned that Russian were communicating in code language.

After the warning received from Hopper Mike was ignoring eleven. To feel at ease here, Max took her to a mall. Mike gets angry with her because she was roaming around, after his weird behavior eleven broke up with him. Joyce noticed after the massive light-out incident magnets were not working. searching the Hawkins lab regarding the magnetic issue one of the Russian soldiers attacked Hopper and Joyce.

Nancy and Jonathan found that mouse bursting is common in town. Robin finally decoded the Russian message, the same night Russian was about to deliver something to the star code mall. As for eleven, she was keeping an eye on Mike and Billy with the help of Max, then she felt something was wrong with her, in her visions she saw Billy kidnap Heather.

Will told everyone that mind flair is back, they think Billy is in control of mind flair, As to prove it right they need to kidnap him  Hopper remembered the man who attacked him was once in Mayor Larry klines office so he went there along with Joyce, where he told hopper all the information.

Dustin learns that to get in the Russian’s secret room they have to use an air duct, and no one among them can fit in there so they ask for help from Lucas’s little sister Erica, after entering the room they get to know that they were storing some sort of cream canister and it’s not a room it’s a lift and they were locked in it and went down. Jonathan and Nancy admitted the lady to the hospital but lost their job, eleven and others somehow caught Billy. But now he wasn’t in control of his mind and attacked the kids.

Billy ran back to the warehouse where other town members were flayed by mind flair Hopper and Joyce found a secret lab where Alexie, a Russian scientist was working. Hopper and Joyce took Alexie with him and ran away from Grigori. They took him to Murray because Alexie didn’t know how to speak English. Dustin’s gang was saved with the help of a cream canister but it busted. After finding the Transmitter room they knocked the operator unconscious, then they saw a testing facility that was trying to open the upside-down world door. After the old lay incident, Nancy and Jonathan went to the other kids.

To know more about it all went to the hospital to meet the old lady. Where they meet a few workers of that newspaper who were under the control of mind flair and the flayed army attacked them. But Nancy and Jonathan killed those flayed armies, and they busted and took the shape of mind flair, then Eleven drove that monster away with all her power.

With the help of Murray hooper learn that Alexie was helping the soviet Russian to open the door upside-down, Hopper called the secretary of Sam Owens and told them everything and went back to save the kids eleven found Billy and access his memory to fund the location of mind flair, that’s how she learns about his thought childhood. As their minds were connected, mind flair even got the location of eleven, with the help of Billy mind flair told Eleven that he’s doing all this to take revenge on her.

And in a fight with a meat monster he attacked Eleven’s leg and to cure it they all took her to the closest general store, right then Dustin contacted them. Dustin and Erica were hiding in a mall along with an intoxicated Steve and Robin, but they couldn’t understand anything that Dustin said so with her power eleven finds out Dustin’s location and moves forward to the mall.

Hopper Joyce Murray and Alexie went to the New Year’s fair to find the kids. But Grigori killed Alexie in front of Murray. While running from Russian they stole their wacky tacky with its help they came to know that some Russians went to the mall to kill some kids.

In a drunken state, Steve told Robin what he feels about her but unfortunately, Robin likes girls, and a moment later Russians found them but Eleven saved ’em all Dustin and Steve were telling others about the Russians when Eleven started feeling dizzy.

While attacking Eleven’s leg, a mind flair left a creature inside the leg, but with all her power she managed to take it out and killed him but after that, she lost all her powers. Then arrives the Hopper gang. They went down and planned to stop the Russian machine, Erica and Dustin were going to guide them.

To turn off the machine, two keys have to be rotated by putting them together and those keys are kept in a vault. Alexie told Murray that its password is Planck constant but apparently, he forgot the correct Planck constant, Dustin knew only his GF could help him in this situation but for that, he needs to sing in front of everyone.

After that Suzie tells the exact value of Planck’s constant. Hopper and Joyce were about to rotate the key but then Grigori attacked and somehow Hopper killed him but they didn’t have much time.

Due to the sudden shutdown of the machine, all the people around were killed, there was no sign of Hopper as well. On the other hand, mind flair and Billy captured Eleven and her gang. Eleven Reminds Billy Of Her Childhood and rescued him. Once he woke up, to save Eleven he sacrificed himself due to the machine being closed. The door of the upside-down world was shut so the meat monster also dies.

A few moments later Owens’ team arrives and sealed the mall. Authorities declared the mall incident an accident and closed the case. Because of that incident, Eleven’s powers haven’t returned yet. After Hopper dies, Eleven along with Will’s family leave Hawkins town. Before going she promised Mike that they’ll be connected through the radio and they can meet on holiday, and then left after kissing him.

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Stranger Things Age Rating – Wallpapers and Images Poster

Stranger Things Age Rating 2020- TV Show Netflix Poster Images and Wallpapers
Stranger Things Age Rating 2020 – TV Show Netflix Poster Images and Wallpapers

Stranger Things cast

  • Noah Schnapp as Will Byers
  • Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield 
  • Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair 
  • Joe Chrest as Ted Wheeler 
  • Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove
  • Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley 
  • Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman 
  • Rob Morgan as Officer Powel

Stranger Things Age Rating and​ Stranger Things parents guide

Know about​ Stranger Things age rating and parental Guidance here. Stranger Things age rating in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas is explained here.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

stranger things rating 15 in the United Kingdom and TV-14 in the United States and overseas. In addition, it is rated 13+ in Canada, MA15+in Australia, and 16+ in Russia.

Other ratings include NC16 in Singapore, 15 in South Korea, 16 in Spain, and 16 in the Netherlands. This includes the age rating of stranger things in the US, UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, etc…

Stay tuned to get more updates on the age rating of all movies, tv shows, books, and games. Finally, any suggestions are always welcomed.

Also, please make use of the comment box for your reviews. We are always providing all age ratings for kids, We will make the easy and best way for your kids.


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