Squealer Parents Guide
Squealer Parents Guide

Squealer Introduction and Wiki

Squealer Parents Guide: Squealer is a 2023 Action, Horror, Thriller movie which is directed and written by Andy Armstrong with writer RossiKate Moennig. Squealer stars Wes Chatham, Theo Rossi, and Kate Moennig. It is inspired by the true story.

GenreAction, Horror and Thriller
DirectorAndy Armstrong
Country United States
Squealer Parents Guide
Squealer Parents Guide
Squealer Parents Guide

Squealer Age Rating

Squealer is rated R for strong violence, use of drugs, graphic nudity, and material containing sexual content.

because it shows most of the scenes that are not appropriate for kids as it shows very strong violence, drugs, graphic nudity, material containing sexual content, and Profanity.

R-rated means “restricted” which is not suitable for all. It is for people who are 17 years above and it shows scenes that may contain nudity, sexual content, and usage of drugs with very strong violence.

Squealer Parents Guide

Squealer Parents Guide will help you to know whether the film is suitable for your kids or not. Here we will provide you with all the details of the Horror thriller movie, Squealer.


Squealer movie contains violent scenes showing a man shooting with a gun very crucially.

Use of drugs

Squealer contains some scenes about drugs. Most of the characters are seen taking drugs, smoking, and also found drinking which is not beneficial for all.

Graphic Nudity

In Squealer, there are so many scenes that show so many nude scenes which is not good for the small kids. Men and women were seen together in nude scenes.


Characters in the film are seen using offensive words. They abuse and bully each other, Due to which the language of your children can also get spoiled.

Parental consideration

Due to mature content, it is advised for parents to watch the movie with children and it is not good for the small kids. Parents, it is a good idea to think about whether is it okay for your children to watch this or not.

And after watching what would be the impact on your children? Discussing with them about the movie will also help you to know what your child learned from the film.

Released Date of Squealer

Squealer movie will be released on 3 November on Lionsgate. Along with Squealer, more movies are going to be released on the same day. Some of them include Divinity, What Happens Later Priscilla, and more.

What is Squealer about?

This story is about a policeman with a man who is a social worker who adventure about why the people of the village are missing while researching this the Policeman and social worker came to know about the Pig farm where the Butcher is trying to kill the animals more than their livestock.

Who are the cast members of Squealer?

Squealer is a movie that involves so many talented actors. Wes Chatham will play the role of Jack whereas Kate Moennig will perform the role of Earline.

The other cast members include Danielle Burgio as Lisa, Sydney Carvill as Sadie, Mark Sipka as Drunk Guy, Andy Armstrong as the man who is in hospital bec, Ramona DuBarry as Anoki, and others.

Squealer’s Trailer

Squealer (2023) Official Trailer - Tyrese Gibson, Theo Rossi
Squealer Parents Guide


Squealer’s Parent Guide: Squealer is rated R for its inclusion of strong violence, use of drugs, graphic nudity, material containing sexual content, and Profanity. Parents are highly recommended for their presence with their children in the movie.

Squealer Parents Guide

Director: Andy Armstrong

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