Spaceman Parents Guide (1)
Spaceman Parents Guide (1) Credit: Netflix

Spaceman Parents Guide: Spaceman is an Adventure, Drama, and Sci-Fi directed by Johan Renck and written by Colby, Day Jaroslav, and Kalfar.

You will get information about the Spaceman Parents Guide, Age Ratings, and other details regarding Spaceman.

It stars Carey Mulligan, Adam Sandler, and Paul Dano, showing the story of a boy named Jakub Procházka, an orphan boy raised in Czech by his grandparents.

Title Spaceman
GenreAdventure, Drama, and Sci-Fi
Director Johan Renck
Released date March 1, 2024
Country United Sates
Language English
Distributor Netflix
Spaceman Parents Guide
Spaceman Parents Guide
Spaceman Parents Guide Credit: Rolling Stone

Spaceman Parents Guide and Age Ratings

Spaceman is R-rated for the mature contents.

R ratings are given to those film that includes sexual, violent, and language that is not appropriate for kids.

Age ratings are given according to the content shown in it, and then you will be able to know for which age group it is suitable.

Spaceman Parents Guide will give you details about the content shown in which you can guide your kid in the proper direction.

It shows some mature content about the Astronaut, which also shows some action done in it suitable for mature audiences.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about the Spaceman in the article.

What is the storyline?

It is the story of Jakub Procházka, who is from his childhood raised by his grandparents as he is an orphan in Czech.

When is the release date?

Spaceman will premiere on March 1, 2024, on Netflix.

Who is in the cast?

Carey Mulligan will perform as Lenka, Adam Sandler will perform Jakub, and Petr Papánek will as Young Jakub, John Flanders will be Gregor. It also includes Kunal Nayyar, Isabella Rossellini, and Sinead Phelps.


Spaceman Teaser - First Look (2024)
Spaceman Parents Guide


Spaceman Parents Guide: Spaceman is R rated for all the contents shown in it. After reading our article, you will be able to make proper decisions for your kid.

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