Sony Pictures Acquired 'Tarzan' Film Rights
Sony Pictures Acquired 'Tarzan' Film Rights

Tarzan may have a future on the big screen once again. As per the reporters of The Hollywood, Sony has grabbed the film Tarzan from the estate of the classic pulp hero’s creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Reportedly, Sony is aiming for a “total reinvention” of the character with the goal of reintroducing him to a new, modern audience. At present, no creatives are on board the project.

Tarzan Is Making a Comeback:

Tarzan is a boy left alone in the jungle and he was raised by apes into adulthood. Upon meeting his beloved Jane. He decides to leave the jungle to be with her, marry her, and settle down in London.

His experiences in civilization only convince him of how vicious society is, He returns to the jungles of Africa to continue being a great hero and explorer.

Originally beginning publication in 1912, the stories of Tarzan become favorites and inevitably translated to film and television. The most famous adaptation of Tarzan is Disney’s animated version in 1999.

The last time fans saw Tarzan was in the year 2016 when Alexander Skarsgård embodied the Ape Man in David Yates‘s The Legend of Tarzan. It was a very blockbuster moment for the character and the movie included an all-star cast. The original Tarzan tales are of outdated notions, colonialism, and racism.

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