New Snow White star Rachel Zegler reveals her complex childhood relationship with the new animated film. Though still a new face in Hollywood, Zegler’s occupation has already addressed affecting heights.

She got her start via Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, and since then has gone on to be cast in movies such as Shazam! Fury of the Gods and The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes. She plays the titular princess in Disney’s newly live-action Snow White.

Disney new  declared that Snow White will have a 2024 release date. Playing opposite Zegler is Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen and Andrew Burnap as a new role. Snow White is directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man) and is just the latest in an ever-growing line of live-action reconstruct being made by Disney.

The Mouse House is seeking to build upon congregation’ love of their animated properties with these new achievement, though in the case of Snow White, it just might repair one viewer’s unique relationship with the original.

Contemplate her princess role now, it is amusing to hear Zegler’s childhood memory of Snow White. Disney princesses are not necessarily thought to instill fear within kids. Even so, Zegler was frightened not only of the cartoon but of the entire universe of Snow White, as evidenced by her reaction to the Disney World ride.

To be fair, Snow White’s Evil Queen can be a rather terrifying figure. Now, years later, it seems like a funny turn of events that Zegler has not just overcome her fear of the animated movie, but will star in the live-action reboot as well.

With the live-action Snow White, Disney has the opportunity to change aspects of the story or the observable for the film. Perhaps the reconstruction will be less frightening in live-action form, thus deleting Zegler’s fears completely.

On the other hand, the live-action Snow White could make the corrupt aspects of the fairytale all the more earthy and confusing. Either way, Snow White has thus far shown promise in the reports from its affair. Gadot’s Evil Queen makeup, for one, apparently took over 4 hours to do, suggesting real attention to detail. A special accomplishment of this nature could make Snow White a cogent update to the comparatively outdated animated feature.

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