Shogun Age Rating
Shogun Age Rating

Shogun Age Rating and Parents Guide

Shōgun is a Historical novel by the very famous author James Clavell. It is the first novel of the author’s Asian Saga and it is followed by Tai-Pan. The book was published in the year 1975 by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK and by Delacorte Press in the US.

“Karma is the beginning of knowledge. Next is patience. Patience is very important. The strong are the patient ones, Anjin-san. patience means holding back your inclination to the seven emotions: hate, adoration, joy, anxiety, anger, grief, fear. If you don’t give way to the seven, you’re patient, then you’ll soon understand all manner of things and be in harmony with Eternity.”

― James Clavell, Shōgun

Shogun consists of around 1152 pages, and it is printed in hardback and paperback.

WriterJames Clavell
PublisherDelacorte Press
Age Rating12+
No. of pages1152
Date of Publication1975
Media TypePrint (hardback and paperback)
Shogun Age Rating

Shogun Age Rating and Parents Guide

Shogan is appropriate for readers above 12.

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Shogun Characters

Here is the list of Shoguns Characters:

  • John Blackthorne – Miura Anjin
  • Yoshi Toranaga – Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Yoshi Sudara – Tokugawa Hidetada
  • Yoshi Naga – Matsudaira Tadayoshi
  • Ishido – Ishida Mitsunari
  • Ochiba – Yodo-dono
  • Yaemon – Toyotomi Hideyori
  • Onoshi – Otani Yoshitsugu
  • Harima – Arima Harunobu
  • Kiyama – Konishi Yukinaga
  • Sugiyama – Maeda Toshiie
  • Zataki – Matsudaira Sadakatsu
  • Toda Mariko – Hosokawa Gracia
  • Toda Hiro-matsu “Iron Fist” – Hosokawa Fujitaka
  • Toda Buntaro – Hosokawa Tadaoki
  • Toda Saruji – Hosokawa Tadatoshi
  • Kasigi Yabu – Honda Masanobu
  • Kasigi Omi – Honda Masazumi
  • Goroda – Oda Nobunaga
  • Nakamura – Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Akechi Jinsai – Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Lady Genjiko – Oeyo
  • Martin Alvito – João Rodrigues
  • Johann Vinck – Jan Joosten van Lodensteijn
  • Spillbergen – Jacob Quaeckernaeck
  • Father Dell’Aqua – Alessandro Valignano

Shogun Summary

Shōgun tells the story of an English pilot, John Blackthorne, he is in charge of five Dutch ships and thinks to break the Portuguese monopoly on Japanese trade. The pilot becomes embroiled in Japanese politics as Lord Toranaga Yoshi employs him as his secret weapon.

“There are no buts, my son. True there are degrees of honor — but one man can have only one code. Do what you like. It’s your choice. Some things a man must decide for himself. Sometimes you have to adapt to circumstances. But for the love of God guard yourself and your conscience — no one else will — and know that a bad decision at the right time can destroy you far more surely than any bullet!”

― James Clavell, King Rat

Shogun Review

Shogun is one of the great books to read that gives insight into Japanese culture and politics but it is not great literature. The book was recommended by my father when I was 13. He said it is a good book, to begin with, considering that I’m only 13 years old. I have read this book around 25 times and when I read this book I feel sophisticated and educated.

Is Shogun appropriate for kids below 8?

No, Shogun is not appropriate for kids below 8.

Is Shogun appropriate for kids below 9?

No, Shogun is not appropriate for kids below 9.

Is Shogun appropriate for kids below 10?

No, Shogun is not appropriate for kids below 10.

What is the age rating for The Book Shogun?

Shogun Age Rating is 12+.

Who can read The Book Of Shogun?

Shogun Age Rating is 12+, so kids above 12 can read Shogun.

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