share? Parents Guide
share? Parents Guide

Share? Information

Share? Parents Guide: Share? is a Thriller, Sci-fi movie which is directed by Ira Rosensweig and penned by Ira Rosensweig and Benjamin Sutor.

This movie casts Bradley Whitford, Alice Braga, and Danielle Campbell in the lead roles. It was released on August 19, 2023.

GenreSci-fi, Thriller
DirectorIra Rosensweig
Release dateAugust 19, 2023.
CountryUnited States
DistributorTraveling Picture Show Company
Share? Parents Guide
Share? Parents Guide
Share? Parents Guide

Share? Age Rating

This is not officially rated but this movie is not appropriate for children below 14 years.

Age rating about movies and series provides us information regarding which movie is suitable for which age group. This lets us know whether the movie is suitable for children or not.

Share? Parents Guide

Below we have mentioned some points regarding the movie that will help you to decide whether the movie is okay for your children or not.

Abnormal Activities

People were seen locked in a room alone and doing strange things. People were found doing strange activities.

Parental Consideration

This movie contains scenes that can have a mental impact on your small children, so make sure that they do not watch this movie alone or without your permission.

Other Details

In this article, we have mentioned everything such as Age Rating, story line, about the movie ‘Share?’.

What is the story of ‘Share?’ about?

In this, after waking up, a man is trapped in a place where he has primitive computers and there is no other option through which he can entertain himself. He has to do his entertainment by himself only.

Who is in the cast of Share?

This movie includes many great actors like Gabo Olmeda performing as the trapped man, Jenna Hogan performing as a trapped girl, Macy Minear performing as a Young woman, and Sydney Breithaupt performing as a trapped girl.

Other cast include Bradley Whitford, Alice Braga, Danielle Campbell, and Melvin Gregg.

Official Trailer

Share? - Official Trailer (2023) Bradley Whitford, Alice Braga, Melvin Gregg
Share? Parents Guide


Share? Parents Guide: This movie is not officially rated but this is not suitable for small children due to its abnormal content. Through this article, you will come to know whether this movie is appropriate for the children or not.

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