Sara's School Life Parents Guide (1)
Sara's School Life Parents Guide (1) Credit: Devian Art

Sara’s School Life Parents Guide: Sara’s School Life is an Animated Drama, Mystery, and Thriller film directed by Sammy Miller and written by Sara Dev, starring Alyson Moore, Thomas Moore, and Mina Aishi.

In this article, you will get Sara’s School Life Parents Guide, Sara’s School Life Age Ratings, and other details of Sara’s School Life for the better.

TitleSara’s School Life
GenreDrama, Mystery, and Thriller
Released date December 23, 2023
Director Sammy Myller
Country United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany
Language Portuguese, English, Japanese, German
Distributor Sammy Line Cinema
Sara’s School Life Parents Guide
Sara's School Life Parents Guide
Sara’s School Life Parents Guide Credit: IMDb

Sara’s School Life Age Rating

Sara’s School Life is PG rated for the milf violence and bloody content shown in the film.

PG ratings mean Parent Guidance is needed as the film includes content parents may find unsuitable for their kids.

Going through Sara’s School Life Age Rating is very important as it lets you know for which age group the film is appropriate to watch.

Sara’s School Life Parents Guide

Our Sara’s School Life Parents Guide will guide you through its contents, as you should always go for the Parents Guide before you allow your kid.


Characters were shown fighting with each other; one character was suddenly killing another girl with a knife, and one character was pushing another character into the swimming pool.


It includes blood shown as one character washed her blooded hands with water, which she got while fighting.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about Sara’s School Life.

What is the storyline?

It shows the story of Sara coming to know that her brother Soma will date her bully, Akari, and then she stops it to prevent it from getting any worse, which includes interesting twists and turns that will be enjoyed by the viewers.

When is the release?

Sara’s School Life will be released on December 23, 2023, on Sammy Line Cinema.

Who is in the voice cast?

Alyson Mooyre will be voicing Sara Hiroyuki; Mina Aishi will voice Daina Reijin; Kimberly Kucktoon will voice Hanae Toryasu; Hannah White will voice Misaki Haruno; and Steve Kirkens will voice Yamiro Kirayun.

Along with Jefferson Andersen voiced Paramedic, Ashley Buckstorm voiced Aisha Kamikaze, Mike Christensen voiced Shojo-Kan, Thomas Mooyre voiced Soma Hiroyuko, and Sarah Lyrter voiced Akari Smallville.

It also includes Marke Moon voicing Kaito Aikokun, Mark Westony voicing Ryusei Haruko, Blossom Hana voicing Yukina Mizuno, and Annie Clockelly voicing Kimiora Sakyu,


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Sara’s School Life Parents Guide


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