Imaginary Friends set photos to betray the first look at Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski‘s new movie. When it was first declared in 2019, the star-studded comedy was said to follow a man who can coordinate with other people’s imaginary friends and be required to stop those who have been unremembered or cast from biasing to the dark side.

Reports also denote the film’s assumption is about “a child’s journey to rediscover their imagination” Previously titled Imaginary Friends, it has since been changed to If, evidently an acronym for the original title. To ensure a fierce bidding war in 2019, Paramount secured the rights to the fascinating project which Krasinki would write, direct, and produce in addition to star in.

Although there weren’t many amend until two years later when two Killing Eve alums Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Fiona Shaw joined the cast, followed by Steve Carell, Alan Kim, Cailey Fleming, Louis Gossett Jr., and Bobby Moynihan to round out the stellate supporting cast and reunite Carrell and Krasinski for the first time since The Office ended. After Krasinski declared the conclusive start of production late last month the first look at If is finally here.

Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski’s First Look For Upcoming Movie Imaginary Friends
Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski’s First Look For Upcoming Movie Imaginary Friends

If set photos are initiated to exterior online through Just Jared and different other channels. The images show Krasinski and Reynolds practicing to film episodes on the traveled Coney Island.

The Deadpool star can also be seen alongside the side of his young co-star, Cailey Fleming, as rises to exactly be filming scenes. Sadly, these If set photos don’t reveal much about the conspiracy or tone of the exact movie.

Based on the first few images, it comes out, Krasinski and Reynold’s long back overcoat is a costume. Given the headphones around his neck, Krasinski comes out to be guiding these scenes and is not actually, appear in them.

While audiences anticipate more information about Imaginary Friends, these set photos and the movie’s all-star cast should provide more than enough to get excited about.

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