Perfect Days Parents Guide (1)
Perfect Days Parents Guide (1)

Perfect Days Information and Wiki

Perfect Days Parents Guide: Perfect Days is an upcoming Drama that is directed by Wim Wenders and penned by Takuma Takasaki.

This movie cast Stars Kôji Yakusho, Yumi Asô, and Tokio Emoto.

TitlePerfect Days
DirectorWim Wenders
Release Date December 21, 2023
LanguageJapanese, English
CountryJapan, Germany
DistributorAnticipate Pictures
Perfect Days Parents Guide
Perfect Days Parents Guide
Perfect Days Parents Guide Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Perfect Days Age Rating

Age Rating is something that helps you to decide which movie is appropriate for which age group. There are various types of Age Groups that are given to movies according to the contents used in the movie.

You should always go through the Age Rating of the movies or games for better convenience. There are ratings such as R means restricted, PG means Parent’s Guidance, etc which are given to movies.

‘Perfect Days’ is not officially rated but it is not suitable for kids under 14 for the sexual content.

Perfect Days Parents Guide

Parents always Guide their kids for each and every step and they become more focused when it comes to their kids’ development stage.

Before your kids watch anything you must go through the content in detail about the movie or any game. If you know about the content then only you will be able to guide your kids as kids also follow the guidelines which are being told by you.

Kids are too young to make decisions on their own they totally rely on you for anything. Through our Parents Guide, it will be easier for you to make the appropriate decision.

Here we have written the Perfect Days Parents Guide based on the content shown in the movie which will help you to make a decision about whether Perfect Days should be watched by kids or not.

Go through the points given below about Perfect Days Parents Guide and summarise them as per your benefit:-


Perfect days include some sexual scenes as there is one woman who was seen kissing on man his cheeks this would have a bad impact on your kid.

Parents Consideration

Parents not only read the Perfect Days Parents Guide but also should follow some measures which will help them more about Perfect Days.

Some measure steps that you should follow are given below:-

You should accompany your kid while watching Perfect Days as this will increase the connectivity between you and your kid.

You should also ask about the best part and the worst part of Perfect Days according to your kid, this will make your kid more creative.

Other Details

Below we have been provided the information such as the release date and storyline of Perfect Days.

What is the release date?

This movie is going to be released on December 21, 2023, by Anticipate Pictures.

What is the story about?

This movie is a story about a man whose name is Hirayama. He works as a toilet cleaner in Tokyo. He leads a simple life.

He does his work every day and after completing his work he spends his free time in Music and reading books. He also likes trees very much so whenever he is free, he takes pictures of trees.

Who is in the cast?

This movie’s cast members include Kôji Yakusho as Hirayama, Tokio Emoto as Takashi, Arisa Nakano as Niko, and many others such as Yumi Asô, Sayuri Ishikawa, and Aoi Yamada.


PERFECT DAYS Trailer (2023) Wim Wenders, Drama Movie
Perfect Days Parents Guide


Perfect Days Parents Guide: Perfect Days is not rated officially but it shouldn’t be watched by kids under 14 for the inappropriate content used in it. Through our article written above Perfect Days Parents Guide, you will get detailed knowledge for which you were looking.

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