'House of the Dragon' What Olivia Cooke Say About Alicent and Viserys Relationship
'House of the Dragon' What Olivia Cooke Say About Alicent and Viserys Relationship

In the latest episode of House of the dragon had several noteworthy moments, but when Viserys told Alicent, “I am going to bed, Aemma”, fans were as bewildered as the in-universe characters. Paddy Considine’s relationship with young Queen has been a point of discussion for the fans.

In a conversation with the actor, Olivia Cooke who played the role of Emily Carey affirms that Alicent loves Viserys, but the actor is not sure she “respects” him.

Alicent was energized by her father Otto Hightower to spend time with the King after the death of his wife Aemma during childbirth.

The characters Alicent and the King bond their love of history and lore. The King shared his intentions to marry the young girl which fractures his relationship with his daughter Rhaenyra.

After a long time, fans have seen a little glimpse of their relationship. However, when Olivia Cooke was inquired whether the two share a love-filled relationship she said, “I think so. I think she is got a genuine love for Viserys. I think a fondness and a love have grown, but I think that is also because they have these children. But Alicent is like a primary caretaker for Viserys.

Viserys is a good man, he wants to keep peace in his kingdom, but these things are not enough to be a good king. He often seems meek and gullible, but he has proven to always be fierce in defending Rhaenyra, and rightfully.

Olivia Cooke refers to his loyalty to Rhaenyra and blind eye to her wrongdoings as a source of contention, stating, “But I don’t know if she respects him. I don’t know if she thinks that he is the best ruler.

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