#NoFilter Parents Guide

#NoFilter is a Short horror film and it is directed and penned by Nathan Crooker, Maya Korn, Nathan Crooker, and Alexis Winter are the Producers of this film.

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When is #NoFilter Film Releasing?

#NoFilter short film was first released in Russia on 29 September 2022, After this, it came to the Anatomy Crime & Horror International Film Festival on 20 October 2022 in Greece.

#NoFilter Parents Guide and #NoFilter Age Rating (2022)
#NoFilter Parents Guide and #NoFilter Age Rating (2022)
GenresShort, Horror
DirectorNathan Crooker
WriterNathan Crooker
Initial Release Date29 September 2022 (Russia)
Run Time13 minutes
Age Rating17
CountryUnited States
Production CompaniesGhost Gang Productions, MHK Productions
#NoFilter film Parents Guide

Synopsis of #NoFilter

In this short film, a girl named Beth falls prey to an insidious filter that makes her question her true beauty.

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#NoFilter Parents Guide and #NoFilter Age Rating (2022)
#NoFilter Parents Guide and #NoFilter Age Rating (2022)

#NoFilter film’s Age Rating

NoFilter film is Not Rated yet but there is some inappropriate content like A girl showing her upper body on a social site, And she’s addicted to a filter on her inner beauty. Some inappropriate topics in here, like phone use or filter addiction.

Some material has been found here that may not be suitable for children or can be said to be unsuitable for viewers under the age of 17 years.

#NoFilter film Parents Guide

Very Mild Nudity is shown You will see that in one scene the girl is looking in the mirror in which her upper body is clearly visible.
There are some topics like Aap and mobile overuse.
Here people are being given a good message as if showing a black truth of today’s showy world.
#NoFilter film Parents Guide

#NoFilter Cast and Charecters

  • Kelly Lamor Wilson as Beth
  • Misha Osherovich as Micah
  • Sam Bixby as Sebastian


Horrific TRAILER : #Nofilter
#NoFilter film Parents Guide

#NoFilter FAQ

When was #NoFilter Film released?

#NoFilter short film was first released in Russia on 29 September 2022.

Who is the director of #NoFilter film?

Nathan Crooker is the director of #NoFilter film

Who is the Writer of #NoFilter film?

Nathan Crooker is the Writer of #NoFilter film.

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NoFilter Wallpaper and Images

Director: Nathan Crooker

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