The Santa Fe International Film Festival is set to release on screen Night of the Cooters, it is a short film produced by the very famous George R.R. Martin and directed by Vincent D’Onofrio. Martin and D’Onofrio will attend the event for a Q&A scheduled for Wednesday, October 19 at the Jean Cocteau Cinema.

“We wrapped principal photography on Night of the Cooters back in the month of August, you may recall,” he said in a statement. “That’s our adaptation of the classic short story by the one and only Howard Waldrop. Shot entirely in greenscreen in Santa Fe, from a screenplay by Joe Lansdale.

The film is directed by Vincent d’Onofrio, who also starred. We turned it over to the wizards at Trioscope, who have been busily working on it ever since with their groundbreaking animation process.”

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The screening and the discussion of the short film Night of the Cooters will also be attended by the cast. Night of the Cooters‘ cast also has Harrison Page, Luce Rains, Shannon Hayes, Martin Sensmeier, Hopper Penn, Cristin McCleary, Elias Gallegos, Darius Eteeyan, and Jazzy Kim O’Brien, among others.

Night of the Cooters is based on the Waldrop 1987 sci-fi novel of the same name. The story follows the time when Martians invaded Pachico, Texas in the 1800s.

People who are very interested in attending the event can take the tickets.


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