Juel Taylor’s managerial appearance debut is giving us a smooth gripping with a sci-fi twist and more than one John Boyega, act. Since part of now Tudum episode, Netflix has released the first loosen trailer for They Cloned Tyrone.

Be admonition if you’re in public, the language is pretty NSFW, but hey, if you were an improbable trio who discover they’re at the heart of a global scheme about clones, you’d be beautiful foul-mouthed too.

The trailer commences with Slick Charles (Foxx), Fontaine (Boyega) and Yo-Yo (Parris) dressed to the nines, secretive riding a lift together. It’s a seemingly uncomfortable situation, and we get the feeling these three aren’t commonly falling out with one another when Slick lifts a gun to his lips and begins to croon Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down.”

The tension is delicate some when Yo-Yo joins in, but Fontaine is irritated. At this point, we’re under the conception that this is a comedy, but when the lift doors open all suspicious government chaos dismember insecurely. Watch the trailer below:

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Official Synopsis:  A series of eerie events thrust an unlikely trio (John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and Jamie Foxx) onto the trail of a nefarious government experiment in this pulpy mystery caper.

They Cloned Tyrone marks Foxx’s second new Netflix earliest film after Day Shift, opposite Dave Franco, and is one of many of the actor’s approaching projects adding Brad Furman’s action gripping Tin Soldier with Robert De Niro and Scott Eastwood.

Boyega most newly played King Ghezo in the documentary drama The Woman King displaying Viola Davis, anymore in theaters now, and will be duplication his role as Moses in Attack the Block 2, a reassess, to his first-ever aspect role.

Parris has been busy inside the MCU after acquiring the role of Monica Rambeau in Disney+’s miniseries WandaVision.

She will be duplication that Super Hero role along the side of Brie Larson and Iman Vellani in Nia DaCosta’s new consequence The Marvels.

Taylor directed and co-wrote They Cloned Tyrone with Tony Rettenmaier, reuniting the duo after they worked on 2021’s consequence Space Jam: A New Legacy together.

Taylor also authored the feature for Creed II, displaying Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. Poppy Hanks, Jack L. Murray, Dana Sono, and Mark R. Wright managerial produce, and Foxx, Rettenmaier, and Taylor serve as makers for the film.

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